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Monica Lewinsky Paid $12 Million To Write About Putting Bill Clinton’s Penis In Her Mouth. USA!

While on the surface, Monica Lewinsky’s story seems like just another example of years of evolution conditioning chubby chicks to make with the blowjays as quickly as possible so they can avoid harvesting leopard pelts by themselves which is fucking hard as shit. Except hers is unique in that it taught young Americans in the… More »

Bill Clinton Posed With Porn Stars At His Own Charity Gala He Invited Gwyneth Paltrow To. PIMP.

Bill Clinton and Prince Albert of Monaco hosted a star-studded charity gala last night featuring such celebrities as Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, and, most hilariously, Gwyneth Paltrow who got to experience the joy of thinking she’s an important dignitary only to find out Slick Willie also stocked the place full of porn stars like… More »