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Famous People in Costumes

Because everyone knows Hollywood is a godless bordello of Sodomites, it’s no surprise the stars came out to celebrate Halloween/pay homage to Satan for their careers. So here’s a gathering of costumed celebs In no particular order:

Jessica Lowndes as God Willing, the Future Referee of My Pants.

Mariah Carey as A… More »

Taylor Momsen wears short skirts and other news

- Angelina Jolie apparently owns only one dress/bed sheet. [Lainey Gossip]

- Beyonce has her way with Singapore’s airspace. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Scott Storch admits Brooke Hogan’s music sucks. [Celebslam]

- Rihanna wears weird shit. [PopSugar]

- January Jones is trying to save the sharks? Awesome. Nothing… More »

Brooke Shields wishes she got laid sooner

Brooke Shields reveals she regrets not losing her virginity until she was 22 in the latest issue of Health:

“I think I would have been much more in touch with myself. I think I wouldn’t have had issues with weight–I carried this protective 20 pounds [in college]. It was all connected. And… More »

Kiefer Sutherland’s lawyer: ‘No wrongdoing’

Kiefer Sutherland’s attorney has issued a statement asserting Kiefer’s innocence in the alleged headbutting of fashion designer Jack McCollough last week. People reports

“We are troubled by the untruthful and self-serving information circulating regarding Kiefer Sutherland and events of last Monday evening,” lawyer Michael C. Miller said. “We are confident, however, that the investigation… More »

Kiefer Sutherland charged with minor assault

Kiefer Sutherland is expected to surrender to prosecutors today where he’ll be issued a desk appearance ticket for third degree assault. The charge is only a misdemeanor which means he won’t be jailed and is free to drink all the way up to the arraignment where, God willing, he’ll hump a bailiff. NYMore »

Kiefer Sutherland victim: ‘Attack was unprovoked’

It’s starting to look more and more like Kiefer Sutherland was simply in a headbutting mood Monday night thanks to his unbridled passion for Jack Daniels. Seen above in New York this morning, alleged victim Jack McCollough is claiming it was an unprovoked attack. People reports:

“Anyone who knows Jack McCollough knows… More »

Brooke Shields denies Kiefer Sutherland’s story

Brooke Shields is disputing Kiefer Sutherland’s story that he headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough because he knocked her to the ground at the Met Gala Monday Night, according to TMZ:

But Brooke’s rep says “nothing happened to her,” adding “Jack did nothing inappropriate. It’s not clear what caused Kiefer to do what… More »

Kiefer Sutherland headbutts fashion designer

While attending a Met Gala after-party Monday night, Kiefer Sutherland headbutted a fashion designer in an alleged effort to defend Brooke Shield’s honor. — And also because whiskey’s delicious. TMZ reports:

We’re told witnesses say the alleged victim — Proenza Schouler designer Jack McCollough — allegedly knocked Brooke Shields over and Kiefer saw it… More »

Brooke Shields, I’ve got some bad news

Brooke Shields, in what seems to be a complete defiance of logic, found herself swarmed by the paparazzi yesterday. I hate to be the one to break it to her, but Brooke, you sort of look like a certain somebody who gets a lot of media attention. I know your first thought is that it… More »