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Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Is Haunting Taryn Manning

Brittany Murphy’s ghost is apparently haunting Taryn Manning’s DJ gigs. Makes sense. More »

Brittany Murphy May Have Been Poisoned

You flippered sons of bitches. Don’t think I forgot

Brittany Murphy died almost four years ago on December 20, 2009 at age 32. Not even five months later, her shady as shit husband Simon Monjack died of the exact same symptoms and everyone just assumed the killer was dead now and justice had… More »

Simon Monjack Slept in the Same Bed with Brittany Murphy’s Mom

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office released their report on Simon Monjack’s death yesterday and apparently Brittany Murphy’s mom not only admitted to investigators she slept in the same bed as her late daugther’s husband but pointed it out to them. TMZ reports: … More »

Simon Monjack Spent All of Brittany Murphy’s Money. You Don’t Say?

This may come as a shock to you guys but apparently during the freakishly short time between Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack’s deaths, he pissed through 80% of her finances, according to her business manager. On top of that, Simon’s mom also allegedly tried to kick Brittany’s mother Sharon out of the house. People reports:… More »

Simon Monjack Had Secret Love-Children

Apparently Simon Monjack had two secret love-children that not even his family or Brittany Murphy knew about. His mother and brother discovered e-mails on his laptop which they handed over to the police despite Brittany’s mom begging them not to. TMZ reports: … More »

Oh, good.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked by this news, but you always hope when someone dies they no longer have to deal with the bullshit they left behind. So on that note, Simon Monjack will be buried next to Brittany Murphy per her mother’s wishes. FOX 411 reports:

The insider said Sharon Murphy… More »

UPDATE: Simon Monjack found dead

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack was found dead in her Hollywood Home last night. He was discovered by Brittany’s mom which had to be awkward considering all that sex they had on top of Brittany’s money. PopEater reports:

“The preliminary cause of death is natural causes,” Sgt. Louie Lozano told the Associated Press. More »

Simon Monjack is a classy guy

Seen here taking a date to an Oscar party, Simon Monjack is now giving tours of the “infamous bathroom” where Brittany Murphy died. RadarOnline reports:

“You’re the first people to ever see the infamous bathroom,” Simon painfully told Saturday afternoon. “Today was the three month anniversary of her [Brittany’s] death and before… More »

What the Hell Happened Yesterday?

And I’m back.

Apparently I picked a good day to get sick because literally only three things happened yesterday. Some might say other news occurred, but trust me, this is all you need to know. I’d never steer you wrong just to deflect from my drinking:

- Kristen Stewart attended the premiere… More »

Simon Monjack: ‘Brittany died from cough syrup. IN YOUR FACE.’

Simon Monjack released a lengthy statement to RadarOnline – because they pay – where he touts his vindication over the final results of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy which shows she died from cold and menstrual medications because no one took her to a hospital. Haha. That’s not shady:

“Although Brittany’s autopsy report was… More »

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