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Stuff Happened Around Katy Perry’s Boobs At The BRIT Awards

Katy Perry performed at the BRIT Awards and stuff that isn’t her boobs happened. I think. Don’t quote me on that. More »

Charli XCX Won The BRIT Awards

Charli XCX’s sideboob. Don’t make me type more than that. More »


Madonna fell while performing at the BRIT Awards. Our fates are sealed. More »

Taylor Swift Is A Time-Traveling Satan Worshipper

If the Internet’s primary purpose is porn, it’s secondary purpose is.. well, probably cat photos. But after that it’s finding old pictures of people who look like current celebrities and then accusing them of being vampires. So keeping with that tradition, via Buzzfeed here’s Taylor Swift when she appeared on a 1990 episode of SallyMore »

Taylor Swift Looked Like This At The Brit Awards And Other News

- Lisa Lampanelli feels she has the right to call Lena Dunham a “nigga.” [Lainey Gossip]

- Ke$ha fellates cannoli which in her defense is really the only way to eat those things. Let’s not put on airs. [Dlisted]

– Relive the ass-majesty of Hump Day all over again for the… More »

Adele Really Has Been Pregnant This Whole Time

When news broke two weeks ago that Adele is pregnant, the cheap and easy joke was, “Wait, you mean she wasn’t this whole time?” which lazy dicks such as myself immediately jumped at. Except it turns out that part of being a lazy dick involves INCREDIBLE PSYCHIC POWERS because Adele is already seven months pregnant,… More »

BREAKING: Adele Has One Of Those Middle Fingers

Despite dominating the Grammys and being universally revered as one of the top genuinely talented singers of the moment, Adele has been having a pretty shitty month starting with someone leaking a fake sex tape of some random fat chick getting nailed in the backseat of a car followed by her own estranged father sellingMore »