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Bristol Palin Married That Dude She Probably Cheated On

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer got married. Oh, good. More »

Levi Johnston Is Doing ‘Playgirl.’ Again.

Levi Johnston might pose for Playgirl. With actual penis this time. More »

Okay, So Maybe Dakota Meyer Is The Father of Bristol Palin’s Baby

Bristol Palin allegedly proved Dakota Meyer is the father of her baby. More »

Bristol Palin Lectured #OscarsSoWhite, Oh, Good

Bristol Palin took a position that screws over black people? Weird. More »

Is Dakota Meyer Baiting The Palins Into Asking For A Paternity Test?

Dakota Meyer might be trolling the Palins into admitting Bristol Palin got pregnant while cheating on her war hero fiance. More »

Moose-Knuckled: The Curious Case of Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy

Why is Bristol Palin’s family trying to make her daugther look like she wasn’t conceived during a drunken night in Vegas on top of a penis that wasn’t her ex-fiance’s? … More »

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