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Arnold Schwarzenegger Actually Thinks He Won Maria Shriver Back By Making Her Look Stupid

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoirs Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story hits bookstands tomorrow, so naturally he’s spent the past few days doing promotional appearances where he’s either confirmed banging Brigitte Nielsen while living with Maria Shriver before they were married or immediately noticing the son of the maid he banged looked exactly like him so… More »

Randy Travis Arrested For Naked DUI Crash

Brigitte Nielsen was the most embarrassing celebrity drunk of the week, but that was before Randy Travis wrecked his car buck-ass naked and then threatened to hunt down and shoot the officers who arrested him for DUI. And if you’re wondering how that’s embarrassing, he was driving a ’98 Trans Am. TMZ reports:

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Brigitte Nielsen Has Life By The Balls

When you’re an international star of stage and screen like Brigitte Nielsen, you’re afforded a life of glitz and glamour that most of us can only dream about. So naturally here she is knocking back a flask of smooth, cheap, affordable Popov vodka while literally rolling around a public park in broad daylight. It’s like… More »

Brigitte Nielsen’s Still Got it? And Other News

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- Gwyneth Paltrow believes waterboarding relieves stress. [Huffington Post]

– But nobody really cares what crap falls out of her mouth when she’s wearing this. [TooFab]

- RuPaul to Countess LuAnn de Lesseps: “Seriously, you aren’t even gonna try to hide that dong?” [Dlisted]
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