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Leighton Meester does music videos now

-Jon and Kate Gosselin are done making statements to the tabloids. Which means we can say whatever the fuck we want. Kate’s vagina looks like an alligator! [Just Jared]

- Jackson Rathbone > Robert Pattinson? Or is that Twi-hard blasphemy? Oh, wait, one of them just nailed a dead bat to… More »

Bridget Moynahan just a tad pissed at Gisele Bundchen

Bridget Moynahan is understandably pissed at Gisele Bundchen’s claims that little illegitimate John Moynahan is 100% the supermodel’s child. But it seems she’s mostly angry at Gisele for using John for publicity more than anything else. Page Six reports:

One close pal told Page Six, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ‘100… More »

Gisele Bundchen: ‘Tom Brady’s son is 100% mine’

Gisele Bundchen is not only in love with her new husband Tom Brady, she’s in love with his illegitimate son John Moynahan. So much so she claims he’s her own despite the the fact little John didn’t come out of her vagina and still has a living biological mother. With primary custody. Besides that stuff. More »

Bridget Moynahan embracing single MILF-dom

Hey, remember Bridget Moynahan? She was knocked up by Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady right before he ditched her for Gisele Bundchen. I think she’s an actress too or something. Who knows? What I do know is the touching anecdote she told Harper’s Bazaar about returning home from the hospital with newborn son Jack:

“Everyone… More »

Bridget Moynahan gives birth

Even if you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you probably caught wind of this. But just in case, Bridget Moynahan announced the birth of her baby boy to Celebrity Baby Blog. The father is New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady who ditched Bridget in December for a Victoria Secret’s model – right… More »