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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Pregnant Again

Posted by Photo Boy

For most of her life, Jennifer Love Hewitt had a singular purpose. A purpose that made her believe telling guys she preselected three engagement rings for them to choose from wouldn’t send them sprinting back to exes who have drug problems. But through the magic of struggling actors who’ll… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Can Die Now

Posted by Photo Boy

US Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Love Hewitt not only gave birth, but also secretly married her The Client List co-star Brian Hallisay, thus removing any further reason for her to continue living.

JLH Diary – Final Entry

It finally happened. All my years ofMore »

‘The Client List’ Got Canceled

Yup, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like this. Nailed it.

Thanks to getting lost in a Courtney Stodden wormhole yesterday, I forgot to post about The Client List being canceled because Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance didn’t knock her up for his health. This here’s a long con. Deadline reports:

As we reported… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Engaged Now, Too

Apparently this announcement was a two-parter because now Us Weekly is reporting Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay are engaged which is kind of the whole point of using your vagina as a bear trap. Not to mention, Jennifer Love Hewitt has never had a problem landing an engagement, it’s the everything between that decision… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant

Welp, she finally trapped a man. There’s no running away now, mister! MUAHAHAH- Oh, right planes exist. Us Weekly reports:

“We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family,” the Client List costars tell Us in a statement. A source says Hewitt is about three months along.
The couple began dating 15… More »