I was going to post about this yesterday, but then a bunch more important stuff happened, and this is me whenever I realize I can’t avoid a Kardashian post. So… More »


Rock of Love with Bret Michaels aired for three seasons from 2007 to 2009 which, by my math, is sometime within the past 16 years, but don’t quote me on… More »

While Charlie Sheen lays the groundwork for his tour to abruptly end in a hail of coke and donkey punches because he literally has no clue what the hell he’s… More »

“But first, blowjays for everyone! Yay! Believe what Bret says. Wheeeee!”

Bret Michaels stopped by Fox & Friends yesterday (above) where he personally denied having an affair withMore »


(Well means catatonic, right?)

Here’s Miley Cyrus in LA last night where her still-17 mind appears to be having trouble processing her mom banging Bret Michaels. You know,… More »

Seen here pretending to be a stand-up family man to sell middle-aged fans his new reality show Life As I Know It, Bret Michaels’ career could suffer the consequences if… More »

Presumably as payment for recording a duet with Miley on “Nothing to Lose,” Bret Michaels reportedly had an affair with Tish Cyrus which prompted Billy Ray to file for divorceMore »


While a CGI-rendering of Bret Michaels appears on the latest issue of Billboard (above), the real one wants you to believe it’s nothing but the byproduct of climate control, physical… More »

Donald Trump informed TMZ this morning that Bret Michaels is in “big, big trouble and the prognosis is not great.”

Michaels is a contestant on this season’s “Celebrity… More »

After just recovering from an emergency appendectomy, Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital last night after experiencing severe headaches. Turns out he suffered a brain hemorrhage and is… More »


- Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson campaign for marriage equality by putting tape over their mouths. Is it because they’re both women? I’m confused. [Pink is the NewMore »

While performing with Poison at the Tony Awards last night, Bret Michaels walked smack into a descending backdrop as the band exited the stage. — Wait a minute. Why… More »