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A NY Times Reporter Was Around The Whole Time Lindsay Lohan Filmed ‘The Canyons’

Our server’s are acting up again, so while we wait around/drink the anger away, via our resident Ginger Swede here’s Stephen Rodrick’s awesome New York Times profile on the production of The Canyons which will probably be the last movie Lindsay Lohan ever makes once all of Hollywood reads this because Jesus Christ. You’d literally… More »

Lindsay Lohan Blew Off Work? That Can’t Be Right

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Despite all common sense and wisdom, Lindsay Lohan is somehow cast in a movie, and in return for their generosity, she thanks the filmmakers by not even bothering to show up for work. A chain of events that apparently happened yesterday on The Canyons, according to BretMore »

It’s The Trailer For ‘The Canyons’ Starring Lindsay Lohan As Pretty Much Lindsay Lohan

Here’s the first teaser trailer for The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen that was literally shot in four weeks for about $5 because she’s in the middle of a comeback, you guys. Anyway, if the faux-60s vibe doesn’t make you immediately stop this thing (and rightfully so), notice how unlike the… More »

Bret Easton Ellis Says Matt Bomer Is Too Gay For ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Author Bret Easton Ellis wants reality star/not-an-actor Scott Disick to play Patrick Bateman in a reboot of American Psycho, thinks Tom Cruise will play a role that isn’t a 100% heterosexual karate machine and signed off Lindsay Lohan starring in an adaptation of one his books, so clearly this a man everyone should listen to… More »

Lindsay Lohan Had Booze In Her Car And Somehow Found More Acting Work. In Theory.

I didn’t know they make yellow scotch…

I’m trying my best not to turn this place into The Lindsay Lohan-Ficial because I’m pretty sure we’re near the saturation point of hearing about her accident that will result in absolutely zero consequences for her. That said, it’s always hilarious to read how horrible of… More »

Bret Easton Ellis Wants Scott Disick To Play Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho’ Remake

When word broke this week that American Psycho was inexplicably getting a modern-day remake already, what most people, including myself, didn’t know is that the book’s author Bret Easton Ellis is not only on board with the remake but is legitimately asking for Scott Disick of Kardashian fame to play Patrick Bateman. No, really. Via… More »

Bret Easton Ellis Calls Glee a ‘Puddle of HIV,’ Ryan Murphy Freakishly Quiet

Author Bret Easton Ellis apparently decided to see how fast he could make Ryan Murphy’s head explode last night (Wow. Already with the gay metaphors.) by writing the following tweet. Via E! News:

“I like the idea of Glee but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like… More »