Brent Musburger

AJ McCarron Threw A Hissy Fit Because Everyone’s Talking About Katherine Webb Instead of Football

Thanks to Brent Musburger’s pacemaker rocketing out of his penis during the BCS Championship, Katherine Webb became an instant Internet sensation which apparently pissed off her boyfriend, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who thinks everyone should be talking about how awesome his football team is and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE! I’m sorry, baby, coach’s been riding… More »

Everyone Wants To Bang Katherine Webb

If you watched the BCS Championship game last night, you probably witnessed announcer Brent Musburger wisely telling America’s youth to become quarterbacks so they can bang chicks like AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb. Which some people considered creepy but Katherine Webb did not because she seriously only bangs quarterbacks. These are life lessons here. TMZMore »