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‘Kocktails With Khloe’ Is Done Already

Khloe Kardashian’s bullshit TV show got cancelled, so naturally she’s lying about it being her choice to leave. Nipple photo, anyone? More »

Selena Gomez Wore This

Selena Gomez didn’t wear a bra to Paris Fashion Week. Ooh la la! (I’ll hand in my resignation now.) More »

Rihanna’s Nipples Are Back

Rihanna has nipples, wants you to see ‘em. More »

Rita Ora’s Nipples: An Extended Report

Rita Ora went braless and see-through to a Charli XCX show because the British understand class. More »

Bertney’s Special New Berfend

Bertney’s Special New Berfend
A Learning About Genders Reader

Bertney loved having a boyfriend, and Papa always found the nicest ones to take Bertney to all of her favorite places to eat: The Cheesecake Factory, McDonald’s, Johnny Rockets, McDonald’s again, Red Robin, Taco Bell, and if she was really good, Chuck E.More »

Welp, The Democrats Just Lost

While it’s pretty much a given that today’s midterm elections will favor the Republicans because old, white people have nothing but time on their hands to vote, Kim Kardashian tweeting her support for Obama isn’t helping. You can just go ahead and call the whole thing right now. Not to mention, her “support” basically uses… More »

Is Kylie Jenner Dating Tyga? A Post With Kim Kardashian’s Nipple In It

There’s a persistent rumor going around that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga, a 25-year-old rapper, which her family denies so you know it’s definitely happening. And while that seems questionable as hell, you can see Kim Kardashian’s nipples through her dress, so let’s focus on that and let Kylie’s mother worry about that other… More »

Justin Bieber Ditched Selena Gomez For The Kardashians

So here’s how Selena Gomez’s trip to Paris Fashion Week went:

1. Before, or as soon as, she got there, Justin Bieber checked into a hotel with Kendall Jenner.
2. When she showed up to the same show as him later, he spent the entire time with the Kardashians.
And 3. More »

Rihanna’s Touching Her Vagina Because ‘School Kills.’ Sure, Why Not?

Whenever I stick my hands down my pants and complain about the education system, people are always like, “Sir, this is a Starbucks,” or, “I don’t know how he keeps getting out of the car, we have child locks,” but apparently when Rihanna does it, it’s sexy cool or some shit. So here she is… More »

V. Stiviano Allegedly Beaten, Called A ‘N*gger’ By Attackers In New York

According to her lawyer which immediately makes all of this sound extremely credible, V. Stiviano was allegedly attacked by a group of assailants in New York last night who apparently called her a nigger. Outside of the theory that she made all of this up because she never went to police but did, however, start… More »

Donald Sterling Is Sorry He Was Tricked Into Saying The Racist Thoughts In His Head

While I was on vacation, I completely missed the entire Donald Sterling fiasco which Photo Boy manhandled eloquently right down to laughing with glee at a racist old bastard dying of cancer. *balances a treat on his nose* Except before that last part happens, Donald Sterling would like your forgiveness and more importantly, your understanding… More »

Those Are Rihanna’s Nipples Courtside at The Nets

Posted by Photo Boy

In an almost serendipitous way, I saw these shots of a braless Rihanna sitting courtside at a basketball game almost immediately after reading about the Donald Sterling fiasco. So, I humbly ask, do you exist, God? Are you using Rihanna’s nipples to tell us something? What’s that boy, Timmy… More »

Those Are Kelly Brook Nipples

So far this morning, Justin Bieber has been arrested for DUI, and now here’s Kelly Brook wearing a see-through dress which means I made the right move letting that mermaid out of my net (What? I have a life outside of this site.), or I’m about to find out I have cancer because there’s nowhere… More »

Miley Cyrus’ Twerking Is Still Destroying The Very Fabric Of Our Reality

It’s been two weeks since Miley Cyrus twerked all over the VMAs, yet people still haven’t been able to get over the sight of seeing a white girl from the south assimilate black culture into a stage performance which has never happened before in the history of time. It’s like spotting a real, live unicorn… More »

Miley Cyrus Ain’t Wearin’ No Dang’ Ol Underwear

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing an outfit that I reckon she’s completely naked under. Which is what happens when you send your young’ns to New York City where not only do they make salsa inferior to the likes of Pace Picante Sauce, but the Devil lives there and done bewitches womenfolk into displaying their pointy bits… More »

Just A Dang Ol’ Bit Higher, Miley Cyrus

So Photo Boy just said you people probably prefer celebrity breasts over blurry pics of comic book villains which there’s no way that’s right (Winter Soldier, bitch!), but to shut him up, here’s Miley Cyrus trying to discourage the paparazzi from taking pictures of her by holding her purse up to her face exposing her… More »

That has to be a new record.

Here’s a blonde again Britney Spears in Calabasas yesterday where her left nipple apparently attempted to point at her back. It’s almost like it’s trying to show her the future of her tits if she doesn’t back off the Frappucinos. “So I’ll be slowly settling myself under your armpit here, and judging by the… More »

Britney Spears still hates bras and other news

- John Mayer is probably banging Taylor Swift. [Lainey Gossip]

- Simon Cowell getting thrown under the bus by American Idol producers presumably in an attempt to destroy his Baby Gap tees. [PopEater]

- Kevin Federline got fat because he was depressed about Britney. Here I thought it was because bacon is… More »

‘One due east, and one due south,’ he said. ‘That be her calling card.’

Here’s a braless Britney Spears in Australia this morning and I just realized something: If her breasts were guns on a battleship, she’d be perfect for covert missions. One would destroy the enemy, while the other would take out her own ship leaving zero evidence behind. Seriously, has the Pentagon seen these? Because I’m… More »

Lindsay Lohan is definitely not wearing a bra

Here’s a braless Lindsay Lohan in SoHo yesterday and why the hell is she wearing a pillowcase as a shirt? I thought this chick did nothing but buy clothes with Samantha Ronson’s money 24/7. Okay, that wasn’t fair. Sometimes she buys Red Bull.

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