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Britney Spears’ dad won’t even let her see booze

Seen here in London over the weekend, Britney Spears’ dad Jamie runs things backstage with an iron fist and has prohibited anyone from drinking within eyesight of Britney. The Sun reports:

Britney’s family have issued the blanket ban on any areas that the star might pass through on her way from dressing room… More »

Brad Pitt drinking a lot lately. I wonder why…

Seen here arriving in Tokyo this morning, Brad Pitt maintained his amateur bootlegging streak Sunday night by smuggling beer from a SAG Awards after-party, according to the NY Daily News:

“Brad took off after the awards with a bottle of beer in hand,” says a second eyewitness. “But before he could drive off with… More »

Jessica Alba in swimwear, brandishing booze (Is this what Heaven looks like?)

Jessica Alba is featured in the 2009 Campari calendar, and God, she is so brave for posing like this after having a baby. Talk about empowering. It really gives women out there hope that they too can look awesome after child birth. (Provided they have access to a full-time physical trainer and someone who kicks… More »

Lindsay Lohan Falls Off the Wagon: In Glorious Security Tape-vision

What you’re looking at is security tape footage of Lindsay Lohan at a Washington D.C. club where Samantha Ronson recently DJ’ed. Highlights include: Recovering alcoholic Lindsay pouring herself vodka and Red Bulls; some lesbian making out – or heterosexual. Who knows?; more making out which is obviously interrupting Lindsay’s texting (Gawd); and, finally, like every… More »

Britney Spears started hitting the bottle at 13, says mom’s book

Lynne Spears tell-all book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is remarkably jam-packed with action for an evangelical book about parenting. Lynne reveals Britney started knocking back booze at 13 and, with her mom’s help, tricked Justin Timberlake into thinking she was a virgin when… More »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, drunkies!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! Be safe out there and try not to drink too much because I need you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to give me site traffic in the morning. See? I care. Now to continue celebrating this momentous day. I already started this morning by pouring Guinness on me Lucky Charms. More »