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Blac Chyna’s Weird As Shit Comic Book Movie Trailer, Anyone?

Blac Chyna made this video that I’m making you watch because I’m not a good person. This is my confessional. More »

Why The Hell Is Blac Chyna At The Kids’ Choice Awards?

“You know who we should bring around kids? Blac Chyna.” – Someone who should not be working with kids More »

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Are For Real Over This Time Maybe

There’s bad news for you if you love Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. No, it’s not that they broke up again. It’s that your life is trash. Get your shit together. More »

Blac Chyna’s Probably Cheating On Rob Kardashian. Again.

Blac Chyna didn’t even wait for sweeps week to openly cheat on Rob. Someone’s not reading Kris Jenner’s Book of The Damned. More »

People Really Believed Rob Kardashian Is A SCOTUS Nominee

If we’re going to start putting people on lists in this country, let’s start with everyone who thought Rob Kardashian got nominated to SCOTUS. More »

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna: ‘1 Year Down LOL’

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s first whole year together was almost entirely in 2016. I’ll just leave it at that. More »

Blac Chyna Has Earned The Kardashian Name This Day

Blac Chyna is scamming student loan forgiveness on Instagram. She’s practically family now. More »

Rob Kardashian Is In The Hospital Again

Rob Kardashian has been hospitalized again, and wait, who’s at his side? Oh, no. Oh, Jesus… More »

Blac Chyna Isn’t Invited To The Kardashian Holiday Party

Fuck it, let’s pretend Blac Chyna isn’t invited to The Kardashian Christmas Party for a few minutes. You weren’t busy were you? More »

The Kardashians Are Going To Stretch This Rob Thing Out

Kris Jenner isn’t done profiting from her “Ruin Rob’s Life Because He Got Fat” narrative. More »

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