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Kelly Brook in a bikini! And, oh yeah, something about Billy Zane, I dunno

Kelly Brook has reunited with Billy Zane after dumping him then getting super jealous when he started dating someone else. True story, according to News of the World:

They kept the break-up secret for two months and remained friends, with Billy even telling her about his new love. Gradually, she realised she wanted him… More »

Kelly Brook dumped by idiot Billy Zane

Billy Zane just doomed himself to a lonely, bald existence after calling off the engagement to British actress/model Kelly Brook. Think of her as an English Kim Kardashian. But, you know, healthy and not walking a razor’s edge towards morbid obesity. Us Magazine reports:

“We can confirm that Kelly and Billy have split,” Brook’s… More »

Kelly Brook likes to torture Billy Zane

Kelly Brook put on a new bikini and enjoyed some more of her St. Barts vacation with boyfriend Billy Zane yesterday. But apparently Kelly’s idea of a good time is cramming sand down Billy’s crotch, according to the Daily Mail:

Instead it was all good clean fun as Kelly took great delight shoving handfuls… More »

Kelly Brook takes Billy Zane to Bikini-town

British actress Kelly Brook spent yesterday with her boyfriend Billy Zane in the French West Indies. I have to say I admire Billy Zane. Not because Kelly Brook believes sex is a form of daily aerobics, but because he’s not afraid to show off his baldness. You see Billy used to rock the completely shaved… More »