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Billy Corgan Is The New Face Of Pissy Old White Guys Afraid Of SJWs

Billy Corgan went on Inforwars and compared social justice warriors to the KKK because he’s a fucking idiot. More »

Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan: Photographic evidence?

TMZ is claiming the above photos show Jessica Simpson leaving her hotel this weekend with alleged boyfriend Billy Corgan behind her. I honestly can’t tell if it’s him so I’m leaving it up to you guys to decide, but you’d figure someone would’ve pointed this out earlier in the week. Then again, I’m assuming… More »

Tila Tequila ditches Uncle Fester, back to chicks

Apparently it’s Return to the Vagina Day on The Superficial. (Frankly, I never quit the stuff.) This time around it’s Tila Tequila who was dating Billy Corgan but that non-surprisingly sent her right back to the lady bosom. Then again, I’m impressed she didn’t swear off humans altogether. If pics popped up of Tila humping… More »

Tila Tequila & Billy Corgan? Why not?

Dearest Diary,

When my brother Fester returned home from the war in Vietnam, I was naturally elated when he arrived with his new bride, Tila. She brought a spring to his step never seen heretofore. And, oh, how the children loved to hide her in small pots and mugs. Such splendid times.

ButMore »