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Britney Spears’ Underwear Won The Billboard Music Awards

Britney Spears is the only thing you need to know about the Billboard Music Awards. Trust me. More »

So Who Wants To See Taylor Swift Fly Headfirst Into A Wall?

Taylor Swift apparently does her own stunts. More »

Chrissy Teigen’s Breasts Hosted The Billboard Music Awards

Chrissy Teigen’s breasts hosted the Billboard Music Awards which concludes our comprehensive-as-fuck coverage if you count three posts as comprehensive, and I do. More »

Bertney’s Fancy Night Out

Bertney’s a robot. She’s a fancy pretty robot. More »

And Now Back To Kesha Said, Dr. Luke Said

I’m going to start myself off in a hole here, and see how far I can climb myself out or dig myself even deeper as I do. Kesha’s stint in rehab for an “eating disorder” has always seemed sketchy as shit. Especially when her mom checked in with her for “PTSD” which now seems even… More »

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Everyone that’s anyone (Read: Blake Lively’s breasts) is at Cannes right now, but then again, timing isn’t exactly this year’s Billboard Music Awards’ strong suit. So here’s some barely interesting people on the red carpet who didn’t get their own post by surprisingly not having semen on them which is probably the greatest compliment I’ll… More »


Just last week Michael Jackson was hit with new molestation claims, so what better time to have a hologram of him perform at last night’s Billboard Music Awards? Who wouldn’t want that in their living room? … More »

Kesha Looks Remarkably Un-Kesha-Like

Originally, the title of this post was going to be, “STFU, That’s Not Kesha,” because for the most part, Kesha (The dollar sign’s where demons hide and won’t let you eat.) looked almost nothing like Kesha. But then as you progress through the gallery, the gold tooth starts taking over which is why it’s always… More »

The Rest of The 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Here’s the rest of The 2013 Billboards Music Awards which you’ll probably notice is nothing but Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jenny McCarthy’s breasts and Madonna’s unholy war on pants. On that note, if you’re wondering why there are way more performance shots of Jennifer Lopez than Selena Gomez, that’s because Selena didn’t jump around the… More »

Good Gawd, Taylor Swift’s Body

After spending the morning equating Ke$ha’s face with terrorism, making light of body issues and generally violating a woman’s privacy, the least I can do is put on my sensitivity hat for a minute and acknowledge that once you ignore every single thing that defines her as a human being, Taylor Swift is not only… More »

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