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So Who Wants To Read About Roger Ailes’ Testicles?

Roger Ailes’ balls are a feast for the eyes. More »

Bill O’Reilly Allegedly Abused His Wife In Front Of His Daughter

Bill O’Reilly allegedly dragged his ex-wife down the stairs by her throat in front of their daughter which I want to joke seems out of character, but who am I kidding? More »

So Brian Williams Is Pretty Much F*cked

Brian Williams probably won’t be coming back to NBC News, according to a Vanity Fair report detailing the behind-the-scenes politics that led to his suspension for lying about being shot down in Iraq. More »

Fox News Admits Bill O’Reilly Lied

In a surprise move, Fox News actually admits Bill O’Reilly lied about witnessing Irish terrorists murder civilians in Belfast. But he did see a picture of it! More »

Bill O’Reilly Has Been Brian Williams-ing For Decades

Bill O’Reilly was Brian Williams-ing since ’82, motherfuckers. OG. More »

Bill O’Reilly Stopped By ‘The View.’ Guess How It Went.

Bill O’Reilly was on The View this morning where heated discussions on the “terror mosque” are apparently still happening. I’ve already made my views known on the subject, so I’m basically going to stick to how everyone looked like asshats in this whole ordeal because television punditry is entirely theater. Via Popeater:

“Listen… More »

Jennifer Aniston Responds to Bill O’Reilly

Jennifer Aniston has fired back to Bill O’Reilly after he called her comments on single motherhood “destructive to society” presumably because they didn’t involve shower-themed sexual harassment. It’s the only true way to raise a child. People reports: … More »

Jennifer Aniston Pissed Off Bill O’Reilly

With Glenn Beck sucking up all the crazy thunder, Bill O’Reilly has been practically non-existent on the national landscape these days, and to his credit, it’s because he actually has the wherewithal to not incite people to randomly shoot police officers. That being said, Bill’s decided to fake moral outrage over Jennifer Aniston’s recent remarks… More »

Stephen Colbert on Bill O’Reilly meltdown (Bear-free video included)

Stephen Colbert has come to the defense of his beloved faux-idol Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly. (Video after the jump.) The conservative black hole of douchism, and host of FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor, has been getting his nuts kicked in via the Internets after an embarrassing video leaked of him flipping out on the setMore »

Bill O’Reilly is a man who stays cool under pressure (Must be the loofah)

Is Bill O’Reilly a celebrity? Unfortunately, yes. But that means I can post this hilarious video that’s been making the Internet rounds. It was pulled off of YouTube yesterday but the champs over at CollegeHumor realized that America needs to see the No-Spin Zone fly off the handle during his old Inside EditionMore »