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Bill Clinton Encouraged Donald Trump To Run For President

Bill Clinton just trolled the GOP like a boss. More »

Sean Penn’s Haiti Gala Had An Odd Guest List

Because the Golden Globes, it’s 47 after parties, and Johnny Depp’s Makeout Emporium weren’t enough, Sean Penn threw his annual Help Haiti Home Gala over the weekend featuring star-studded celebrities and a special guest who you’ll notice isn’t in any of the group shots or ever once near Sean Penn. However, this old pervert was… More »

And Now Bill & Hillary Clinton’s Entire Marriage Summed Up In One Photograph

Holy shit. Is it sexual harassment if I kiss Photo Boy on the lips? Because I’m going to kiss Photo Boy on the lips. Where is he? Wheel him in here.

THE SUPERFICIAL | AboutFacebookTwitterMore »

Happy President’s Day! It’s Miley Cyrus Blowing A Dude In A Bill Clinton Mask

Alright, folks, technically it’s a work holiday, but I couldn’t leave you without at least throwing herpes, nihilism, and Miley Cyrus in your face. So here are 80 pics from the start of her X-rated Live Bangerz Tour in Vancouver complete with Vagina Diddle 2.0, midgets dressed as joints, lesbiantry, and Bill Clinton BJs because… More »

Tom Sizemore: ‘Never Listen To Me, I’m On Drugs’

Yesterday, the Internet was regaled by a tale of Bill Clinton banging Elizabeth Hurley as told through the storytelling vessel known as Tom Sizemore. A vessel who’s now under the full weight of two very expensive legal teams and would like to make it clear that he’s a drug addict you should never, ever listen… More »

Bill Clinton Banged Elizabeth Hurley In The White House, According To Tom Sizemore

Before I get into this story, there’s a few things you should probably know. 1. Radar Online pays sources. 2. Drugs cost money. However, 3. Bill Clinton loves pussy. Literally any pussy. No, really. So now that you’re fully educated, here’s Tom Sizemore bragging about the time he hooked up our 42nd president with ElizabethMore »

Selena Gomez Will Straighten Justin Bieber Out

“Ohmygod why is this wet?!”
“At least it’s not a mop bucket.”

Yesterday, the Internet got to watch as a most likely drunk Justin Bieber pissed into a restaurant’s mop bucket as his crew told everyone watching that they should be thanking him for the memory they’ll remember for the rest of… More »

Justin Bieber Pissed Into A Restaurant’s Mop Bucket. That’s A Gift, Son.

Full Disclosure: I’ve drunkenly peed on more things than I can count and/or possibly remember, but at least I always had the decency to immediately hide my shame like a cat and leave it as a surprise for somebody else because my parents raised me right. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, will drizzle that… More »

Excuse Me, Bill Clinton? I Think We Have Just What You’re Looking For

Posted by Photo Boy

Here’s Bill Clinton simultaneously raising money for an AIDS charity while admiring the swollen bosom of mom-to-be Fergie. I know the former president is now a globe-trotting philanthropist, who’s schedule doesn’t leave much time to be scouring the entire Internet for the huge, milk-enhanced breasts of celebrity mothers. And… More »

Bill Clinton Truly Is Our Most Pimpinest President

Almost entirely because of that hat, these pics are like finding out Roger Sterling is not only real, but was our president for eight years who somehow left behind a surplus despite spending 90% of his term turning interns’ vaginas into humidors. Or am I thinking of Jesus?

Photos: GettyMore »

Yup, This Sums Up Bill Clinton’s Presidency Accurately And Other News

- Bill Clinton The Lady Killer [Etsy via Balloon Juice]

– It’s Charlie Hunnam’s time to be the next big movie star even though no one knows who I’m talking about unless I say Jax from Sons of Anarchy. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brendon Fraser can’t live on $205,000 a month. [Dlisted]… More »

Bill Clinton Won The Inauguration

In case you forgot how awesome Bill Clinton is, it’s this awesome. Exactly this awesome. Not to mention, this happened next because we’re dealing with a man who never shies away from life’s sweetest rewards or shoving a cigar in them. And on the opposite side of that coin, you have Joe Biden who’s clearly… More »

Monica Lewinsky Paid $12 Million To Write About Putting Bill Clinton’s Penis In Her Mouth. USA!

While on the surface, Monica Lewinsky’s story seems like just another example of years of evolution conditioning chubby chicks to make with the blowjays as quickly as possible so they can avoid harvesting leopard pelts by themselves which is fucking hard as shit. Except hers is unique in that it taught young Americans in the… More »

Bill Clinton Posed With Porn Stars At His Own Charity Gala He Invited Gwyneth Paltrow To. PIMP.

Bill Clinton and Prince Albert of Monaco hosted a star-studded charity gala last night featuring such celebrities as Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, and, most hilariously, Gwyneth Paltrow who got to experience the joy of thinking she’s an important dignitary only to find out Slick Willie also stocked the place full of porn stars like… More »

Bill Clinton Hangs Out With Cameron Diaz and A-Rod. Why Not?

“We’re going streaking!”

For reasons known only to a Macanudo and a butler who can keep a secret, Bill Clinton joined Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez for dinner in Miami last night. Now, I’m not suggesting he offered A-Rod one million dollars to sleep with Cameron Diaz, but I’m also not suggesting it… More »

Bill Clinton’s in ‘The Hangover 2′ Now

While conveniently in Thailand “delivering a speech” over the weekend, Bill Clinton managed to land himself one of those The Hangover 2 cameos everyone’s always talking about. People reports:

Clinton, who’ll play himself in the comedy, shot his brief appearance on Saturday in Bangkok, where part of the production takes place. He was… More »

Bill Clinton grasps diplomacy

Just because his wife is Secretary of State, that doesn’t mean Bill Clinton can’t visit Argentina and pay off bouncers at a strip club so he can have a completely private strip show before dining with the country’s president. Which is exactly what he did with Miss Andrea Rincon here. I like to believe… More »

Penelope Cruz gets the presidential treatment

Penelope Cruz attended the Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala in New York. Also in attendance was former president Bill Clinton who was a seat over from Penelope. Unfortunately, Oscar De La Renta was in Bill’s way (That’s what we call a “cock-block,” kids.), so Slick Willy took some evasive action and switched seats to be… More »