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The Penis Button

Posted: 5/7/09

I know it’s 2010 already, but I honestly couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t pay respect to what was unquestionably the crowning moment of 2009: Kelly Ripa’s Penis Button. And for those of you wondering what reminded me, it was cold when I got out… More »

BEST OF 2009: The Rihanna Nudes


Posted: 5/8/2009

When these photos hit the Internet and Rihanna stupidly confirmed them to be the real deal, they literally destroyed every single post on this countdown. To put things in perspective, you could find a remote cave in the Himalayas, ask the Sherpa inside if he saw the Rihanna… More »

BEST OF 2009: Dita Von Teese Goes Lesbian


Posted: 10/20/2009

I think the magic of these unreleased photos is that they were taken pre-Marilyn Manson. So if you’re like me, you fantasized about attaching a flux capacitor to your penis so you can travel back in time to join these ladies and, God willing, not accidentally… More »

BEST OF 2009: Milla Jovovich Naked Time


Posted: 9/8/2009

If these pics of Milla Jovovovich were ever removed from the Internet, the very fabric of our existence would be sucked into the resulting gap. That’s how much you guys liked looking at her vagina. Or cardboard boxes, I go back and forth.

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BEST OF 2009: Britney Spears Topless


Posted: 6/7/2009

When these photos of a dirty version of “Gimme More” leaked online, I honestly didn’t think anyone would want to see Britney Spears’ bare nipples covered in magic marker because it’d be a sad reminder of how far gone her mind is.

I was wrong.

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BEST OF 2009: Amber Rose Topless


Posted: 8/19/2009

After posting these pics of Amber Rose wandering around Miami topless, I learned something: If you slap tits on a weird chemo patient that has sex with Kanye West, people will look.

I like to believe I’m a better person because of this.

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BEST OF 2009: Heidi Montag Gets ‘Nude’


Posted: 8/14/2009

We’re already halfway through the Top 10 Most Visited Posts of 2009, and somehow Heidi Montag is sitting at #5. Heidi Montag. And she’s not really naked! I’m sorry, folks, but this is for your own good.

*puts Internet’s nose in Heidi’s face*

Bad, Internet. More »

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