Ben Seewald

Only Josh Duggar Can Save The Family From Colin Kaepernick Now

Josh Duggar is totally redeemed as his brother-in-law falls into the pit of sin known as “being woke.” More »

Jessa Duggar Is Pregnant With Only Her Second Baby?! BLASPHEMER

Jessa Duggar is pregnant again. Finally. More »

Jessa Duggar Just Went Against The Family

The Duggars Are Coming Back On TV

Jill and Jessa Duggar are finally getting the spinoffs they downplayed Josh molesting them for. God is good! More »

The Duggars Solved Racism, Oh Good

Racism’s just a trick of the devil, you guys. Nothing to see here. More »

The Devil Made Josh Duggar Molest His Sisters Because of Their Outfits

A giant wrap-up of all the shit happening with Josh Duggar who apparently molested his sisters because of their immodest dress. Makes perfect sense. … More »

Jessa Duggar Wasn’t Fucking In A Church

Yesterday, a widely-circulated – and still uncorrected – rumor started flying around the Internet that Jessa Duggar got caught fucking inside the church immediately after her wedding ceremony. Except with just a little bit of digging, Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk easily figured out the source of the rumor, a blog called My Life As AMore »