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David Beckham or Josh Hartnett?

Alright, ladies, there’s been an abundance of strippers today, so here’s two men who went out and engaged in completely opposite activities last night: David Beckham bungee jumped in New Zealand while Josh Hartnett went to The Groucho Club in London. So which one floats your boat and the mythical little man who “allegedly” lives… More »

Josh Holloway tries to make love to the ocean

Dear Ladies,

Merry Christmas!

– The Superficial Writer

P.S. Also, why not? Josh or Hugh Jackman? And someone’s losing a limb. GO!

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Adrian Grenier or Tom Cruise?

Today’s battle for your nether-regions pits fictional movie star Vinnie Chase against fictional movie star Tom Cruise. (Not a typo.) For the sake of this experiment, we’re going to take some bold leaps and assume Tom is not just trying to convert you to Scientology with his tiny loving, and Adrian Grenier has showered in… More »

FOR THE LADIES: Robert Pattinson or Jesse Metcalfe?

Okay, ladies, let’s find out what makes you tick.* Who would you rather: Just crawled out of bed to attend a TV interview Robert Pattinson? Or drunk off his ass Jesse Metcalfe? But here’s the kicker: You haven’t shaved your legs for a couple of days leaving noticeable stubble. Also, your roommate has an early… More »