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Now Sinead O’Connor Is Just Making The Difficult Brown Too Difficult

“Remember the other day when I said, ‘Barry, difficult me brown!’ and you said, ‘Sinead, you can’t bloody come in here naked smokin’ a wee crack pipe? This is my office!’? What’d ya mean by that?”

What was once a tale of true love triumphing on the wings of butt sex, Sinead O’ConnorMore »

Sinead O’Connor’s Husband Couldn’t Bear Another Moment With Her Brown Undifficulted: A Love Story

When Sinead O’Connor’s marriage to Barry Herridge come to a sudden end just before Christmas, my world became a dark, empty cage of sadness and depression. Was there nothing true in this world? Was anal not the key to the soul? But, alas, a beacon of light has come shining through, proving that love conquers… More »

Why Sinead O’Connor Probably Shouldn’t Have Married A Drug Counselor

“It’s all very simple, lad. Ya come in, have a coupla pataytohs, difficult me brown, then wipe yourself off with this towel the Good Lord draped around me arse. You’ll be home in time for suppah.”

When Sinead O’Connor married Barry Herridge it just seemed like your classic case of boy meets girl… More »

Sinead O’Connor Just Difficult Browned Kim Kardashian

This tin-foil is all the Difficult Brown she needs – inside the Matrix.

When Sinead O’Connor married Barry Herridge just 18 days ago the world was led to believe true love would always find a way to have it’s brown difficulted. Sadly, those dreams have been dashed. Via RadarOnline:

“Dear friends,… More »

Sinead O’Connor Got Married

Proving that being immediately open and receptive to The Difficult Brown will land you a husband (Ladies?), Sinead O’Connor was married last night to some dude named Barry Herridge, who we know next to nothing about save his wanton lust for butt sex and its ability to override any and all rational decisions. On that… More »