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Barbara Walters Will Defend Woody Allen Now

Because The View is a place where you can find the greatest minds of our generation navigating hot-button issues so you don’t have to, here’s Barbara Walters explaining how there’s no way Woody Allen could’ve molested Dylan Farrow because he’s such a sweet man which has never backfired before in the history of child molestation,… More »

Lindsay Lohan Bails On Barbara Walters. Of Course.

Lindsay Lohan should have counted her goddamn lucky freckles she somehow scored an interview with Barbara Walters, but of course she’s now bailed because Barbara might ask a softball question about her being charged with lying to the police, and if there’s a new way to fuck the living shit out of her career, Lindsay… More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Doing A Barbara Walters Interview

Seen here leaving a jewelry store over the weekend without being gunned down at the door (Why not just give her the safe codes while you’re at it?), Lindsay Lohan will apparently sit down for an interview with Barbara Walters to promote her Lifetime TV movie Liz & Dick and lie about a bunch of… More »

Barbara Walters Is Awesome

“This white bitch won’t feed us until people forget her wedding! SAVE US, SEAN PENN!”

You can tell someone who wasn’t Barbara Walters made the decision to include the Kardashians on her 18th annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special because she wasted absolutely no time ripping into them like the horny, dagger-clawed grandmother… More »

Paris Hilton Still Sucks Huge Ones

Just in case anyone was wondering whether Paris Hilton is still a self-absorbed, over-entitled bag of herpes with absolutely zero redeeming qualities, the answer is yes. Yes, she is. And apparently she decided to make that abundantly clear to the staff of The View after Barbara Walters called her on her shit, according to PageMore »

Bill O’Reilly Stopped By ‘The View.’ Guess How It Went.

Bill O’Reilly was on The View this morning where heated discussions on the “terror mosque” are apparently still happening. I’ve already made my views known on the subject, so I’m basically going to stick to how everyone looked like asshats in this whole ordeal because television punditry is entirely theater. Via Popeater:

“Listen… More »

Barbara Walters: One hot hussy

It’s a scientific fact that Barbara Walters had sex with every famous man alive between 1920 and, well, let’s assume she’s still going at it. No, wait, don’t-*HORF* Anyway, it should’ve come to no surprise when she admitted to having an affair with high-powered Senator Brooke of Massachusetts during the 70s. Barbara disclosed… More »

Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian: Why are you famous?

Here’s a clip of Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner’s appearance on The View this morning. It’s kind of funny to see Barbara Walters animated corpse cut right through the bullshit and ask Kim why she’s famous. Barbara even asked about the sex tape which is always a great conversation to have with an… More »

Whoopi Goldberg to join The View

Not that anybody cares, but Barbara Walters officially announced today that Whoopi Goldberg has been signed on to replace Rosie O’Donnell has co-host of The View. She’ll start co-hosting the day after Labor Day.

I guess this was a fitting choice. How else are you supposed to know how hip and progressive… More »