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Famous People in Costumes

Because everyone knows Hollywood is a godless bordello of Sodomites, it’s no surprise the stars came out to celebrate Halloween/pay homage to Satan for their careers. So here’s a gathering of costumed celebs In no particular order:

Jessica Lowndes as God Willing, the Future Referee of My Pants.

Mariah Carey as A… More »

Bai Ling says ‘RAWR! I’m a tiger – but in a bikini!’

Bai Ling is chilling in Hawaii this week and also did the Lord’s work by partaking in several bikini shoots. This time around, she managed to keep her nipples fully secured. (Or did she??) Anyway, I’ll let you guys marvel at these while I prepare my last post of the day which’ll make it a… More »

Bai Ling’s nipples are ‘bai-ling’ out of her bikini (SWISH! Count it!)

Bai Ling played around on a private beach in Hawaii while taking a week off from Crank 2: Amy Smart’s Nipples Fight Crime Like Batman with PMS. It looks like Bai Ling took a page from Amy’s book because her nip-nips keep popping out of her bikini. Then she decides to just ditch the damn… More »

Bai Ling is an idiot

Bai Ling is rejoicing the plea bargain in her Valentine’s Day shoplifting arrest. You know, the one where she got picked up for stealing batteries and two Star magazines for a total of $16.22 and didn’t even try to pay for the shit on the spot. Well, Bai Ling is apparently pleased as… More »

Bai Ling arrested for stealing batteries

Airport police arrested actress Bai Ling (Lost, Revenge of the Sith) after she stole two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries from a gift shop at Los Angeles International Airport (mugshot above), according to the AP:

The items had a total value of $16, said Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the airport’s police department. More »

Bai Ling’s breast falls out…of course

Wow, it’s a slow news day. Bai Ling was outside the Roosevelt last night and showed up to Teddy’s with her new husband. And it’s Bai Ling, so it was just a matter of time before her boob popped out. She even acts surprised when it happens, like it wasn’t completely intentional. More »

Bai Ling might be married

Bai Ling was spotted outside club Area in LA on the Fourth of July and told paparazzi she had gotten married in Vegas earlier that day to Damon Elliot, the son of singer Dionne Warwick. Which is just absolutely insane. I mean, really, Mr. Damon Elliot? Bai Ling? You couldn’t find a circus… More »

Bai Ling is almost too good at dancing

Paris Hilton’s virginity mystery solved

Bai Ling still part-time nudist, full-time attention whore

I still don’t know why (or if) she’s famous, but Bai Ling showed up to the “8 Spirits” Picture Exhibition in Berlin with her nipples popping out. I mean of course. It’s an art exhibition, so why not? Plus she’s Bai Ling. She could be getting knighted and her boobs would still pop… More »

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