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Axl Rose Showed Up To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ On Time And Made Logical, Coherent Statements, WTF?

Axl Rose hasn’t given a live television interview in over 10 years, but last night he not only sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and actually showed up on time. Even more amazing, he was surprisingly lucid and cordial making with the adorable anecdotes about tormenting his friends by showing their kids his Halloween tree with… More »

Axl Rose Turns Down Induction Into Hall of Fame, Still Really Hates Original Guns N’ Roses

I was going to start this post with some sort of clever quip about how getting laid immediately fills a man with a certain bravado that 100% of the time leads to him making horrible fucking decisions. But then I remembered Axl Rose has been crazy for a really long time and already hinted he… More »

We Get It, Lana Del Rey. You’re Banging Axl Rose.

Lana Del Rey has already banged Marilyn Manson, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s moved on to Axl Rose which she made even more evident by wearing a Guns ‘N Roses T-shirt in London last night after the two were spotted together over the weekend. On that note, when I say this… More »

Taylor Momsen Opened For Guns N’ Roses

Apparently Guns N’ Roses is touring again (?) with Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless as the opening act, and I can’t tell who that’s a bigger insult to. Axl Rose for being reduced to touring with Cindy Lou Who and Her I Hate Daddy Orchestra, or Taylor Momsen for having to open for a… More »

Kelly Osbourne propositioned by Axl Rose

Axl Rose reportedly came on strong to Kelly Osbourne at a party. Designer Richie Rich watched the whole thing go down and couldn’t believe the crap coming out of the 46-year-old singer’s mouth, according to OK! Magazine:

“He was really weird with her,” said the Heatherette fashionista at a party for the launch of… More »