Ass Monday


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Sofia Vergara in a Bikini

This was almost a Lindsay Lohan post.

You’re welcome.

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Heather Graham in a Bikini.. Yay?

Not unlike sex with me, Ass Monday is about to end as soon as it started in a whimper of questionable enjoyment. On that note, here’s Heather Graham in Ischia, Italy today where she may or may not be attempting to discreetly bang her boyfriend under a beach towel which, in my book, is adequate… More »

Coco’s Ass Was There, Too

I’m guessing as some sort of plot to turn New York into a massive, greasy pancake, Coco was also invited to Kim Kardashian’s Amp Energy Bullrun where the two literally had to be kept in separate locations to prevent damage to the cars. To put things in perspective, I was just going to put them… More »

Kim Kardashian Still Has a Giant Ass

Before I start slapping everybody in the face with the ongoing sagas of Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan, here’s Kim Kardashian in a tight-as-shit racing outfit for The Amp Energy Bullrun Rally in NYC just in case anyone forgot God gave her two sets of birthing hips as his way of saying sorry for slavery. More »