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BEST OF 2014: Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Photos

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year where we get to recycle old posts with high click-through rates because a amazingly profitable portion of you are nothing but lemmings with erections to us. I don’t even have to write anything, that’s how foolproof this is. Spurgle blargle wogga wogga. See? That was nonsense.More »

Vanessa Hudgens In A Bikini (And Ashley Tisdale If Anyone Gives A Shit)

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens celebrating Ashley Tisdale’s bachelorette party in Miami over the weekend because you know what’s more exciting than sitting on a boat? Anything. Literally anything. You’re fucking rich. Hunt a homeless man. Get seven DUIs. Live, goddamn you!

Photos: Xposure/AKM-GSI, FameFlynet, Splash NewsMore »

The ‘Spring Breakers’ Reviews Are In

Spring Breakers premiered at SXSW this week, and since apparently the opinion of a weiner humorist/breast pictorologist isn’t good enough to get invited, I still haven’t seen it. And probably won’t judging by the reviews I’ve cobbled together in case everyone wasn’t sure the entire year we’ve spent looking at bikini photos from the setMore »

Ashley Tisdale & Claudia Romani In Bikinis:
The Crap I Missed – Tuesday 3.5.13

A large chunk of Photo Boy’s day is sifting through hundreds of photos for just the right shot of Prince Charles at a Swine Grooming Festival. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that, but I do have time to stuff this post full of Ashley Tisdale and Claudia Romani’s asses in bikinis like a thick,… More »

Ashley Tisdale & Sarah Hyland Are In Bikinis and Other News

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- 20 People Who Are Having The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever [BuzzFeed]

– I don’t think Hallmark had any of this in mind when they invented Valentine’s Day. [theCHIVE]

- TV’s Hottest Men And Women In Honor Of Valentine’s Day [Huffington Post]

-More »

Vanessa Hudgens’ Breasts Are Still Marketing ‘Journey 2′

In case her week-long bikini tour through Hawaii wasn’t enough, here’s Vanessa Hudgens breasts leaving a dance studio yesterday before walking the red carpet at the LA premiere of Journey 2. And you almost have to respect the simplicity of the marketing here because instead of convoluted, focus group’d horseshit where brands are “synergized,” some… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Looked Attractive Again

Despite the fact Jennifer Love Hewitt has openly stated she stalks Robert Pattinson, here she is at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night where she clearly set her cleavage to “So I brought these three rings…” Unfortunately for her, Kristen Stewart was there, but then again, I’m clearly underestimating… More »

Ashley Tisdale in a Bikini and Other News

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- Will Ferrell receives Mark Twain Prize. [Huffington Post]

– While Darrell Hammond reveals his long-time crack addiction. [BuzzFeed]

- Prince Harry is banging slutty versions of Pippa Middleton now. Neat. [Dlisted]

- John Travolta tried to make reservations at KFC. No, really. More »

Zac Efron is Ashley Tisdale’s Brother She Has Sex With

Ashley Tisdale supposedly has a boyfriend named Scott Speers, but you’d hardly know it looking at these photos of Zac Efron on her birthday over the weekend. She claims he’s just a “brother/best friend” to her which is weird because that’s almost the exact same thing Megan Fox said in the same breath as wanting… More »

Ashley Tisdale: ‘I’m Not a Little Girl Anymore, So Here’s My Butt’

Taking a page from the Vanessa Hudgens playbook – minus the seedy and spread eagle parts – Ashley Tisdale is apparently looking to shed her sweet, innocent Disney image as well by posing for the “Nude Issue” of Allure. Of course, these girls could always prove their maturity by getting an education and/or sincerely tackling… More »

Ashley Tisdale in a bikini

Here’s High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale in Mexico today and despite millions of dollars of Disney advertising, plastic surgery and the mere fact she’s in a bikini, I’m honestly having a hard time giving a shit. I mean, hey, good for her for working out and not being a burden of the state… More »

Ashley Tisdale in a bikini

These are pictures of High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale spending her birthday in Hawaii. If you have no idea who she is, please, switch lives with me. In the meantime, I guess she’s hot – sort of. I dunno. Hold on, my penis just wrote me a note: “I quit.” Dude! What about the memories… More »

Vanessa Hudgens and some girl hit the gym

Vanessa Hudgens and her “High School Musical” co-star Ashley Tisdale spent Saturday morning working out at the L.A. Fitness gym. Last time Vanessa hit the gym she had her dad and his trusty water bottle for protection from the paparazzi. But being with Ashley Tisdale does have its advantages: “Whoa, there’s Vanessa Hudgens! More »

Ashley Tisdale is taking over the site … AND I DON’T KNOW WHY

God help me.

NOTE: It is curious that between these pictures and these pictures she managed to put on about 20 pounds. Especially considering they were taken on the same day.

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Ashley Tisdale is still really famous

I still don’t know who Ashley Tisdale is, but she’s still in Hawaii wearing bikinis and that’s good enough for me. Although it’s freaking me out that she’s 22-year-old and somehow manages to look 12. I’d suggest a time machine, but everybody knows the only use for a time machine is to go… More »

Ashley Tisdale gets her bikini on

Ashley Tisdale was spotted in Hawaii yesterday in a bikini. And I’m pretty sure she isn’t famous, but she was in Disney’s High School Musical and she shares the same birthday as Lindsay Lohan (she turned 22 yesterday), so that’s good enough for me. Besides, I’m too busy fighting terrorism and nursing kittens… More »