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Ashley Olsen Has A Butt?

Ashley Olsen swimsuit photos are not at all what I expected. More »

John Stamos Tried To Get Elizabeth Olsen To Play Michelle Tanner

Elizabeth Olsen was asked to replace her sisters on Fuller House. Our world is over now. More »

John Stamos Fired The Olsen Twins When They Were Babies

John Stamos admits he briefly had the Olsen twins fired when they were only babies which answers a lot of questions. More »

The Olsen Twins Are Still Considering ‘Fuller House’

The Olsen Twins might do Fuller House after all. John Stamos should think about strapping up. More »

Olsen Twins Turn Down Fuller House, Bathe In John Stamos’ Tears

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned down Fuller House. May God have mercy on us all. More »

The 2015 MET Gala

The 2015 MET Gala featuring Rihanna’s ginormous dress, Miley Cyrus’ pelvis, Kendall Jenner’s sideboob, and whatever the fuck’s on Sarah Jessica Parker’s head. More »

John Stamos Is Marked For Death

John Stamos calls bullshit on the Olsen twins. He will PAY. More »

Elizabeth Olsen Truly Is The Best Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen loves doing nude scenes? Go on… More »

The Olsen Twins Might Actually Do The New Full House Show

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might appear in the Full House reunion show Fuller House, so clearly they’ve run out of money. More »

Ashley Olsen Went To John Stamos’ 50th Birthday

John Stamos celebrated his 50th birthday last night (Side Note: And is a vampire.) and invited the cast of Full House. Which usually means Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen won’t come anywhere near the place because they’re serious fashion designers who only allow the blood relatives of French dignitaries into their vaginas now. Except, surprisingly,… More »

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Named America’s Top Killer Muppet Fashion Designers

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attended the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards last night where apparently they won the top award for best female fashion designers. More importantly, Mary-Kate dyed her hair darker, so now I know she’s the one who controls the underworld heroin cartels, and Ashley’s the one snorting all their coke… More »

One Of These Olsen Twins Recently Killed Again, See If You Can Guess Which One

Two things that immediately freak me out here:

1. Is one of them actually smiling?! Jesus.
2. There was a time when these two coordinating their outfits wasn’t creepy and weird. It was called 1989.

That said, it’s nice to see Ashley (Or Mary-Kate. I’m not even going to pretend… More »

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