Ashley Madison Hack

Josh Duggar Is A Master of Disguise

Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison profile photos are a case study in stealth and cunning. More »

Snooki: My Husband Wouldn’t Need A ‘Lame Ass Website’ To Cheat

Snooki’s husband would never cheat on Snooki, according a reliable source named Snooki. More »

Snooki’s Husband Linked To Ashley Madison Account

Snooki’s husband has been allegedly linked to an Ashley Madison account because love is dead. Or has chlamydia. Either one. More »

Josh Duggar: The Aftermath (Of The New Shit, Not The Sister Touching)

Let’s see how Josh Duggar is doing today which is probably great because his wife still has to let him put kids in her or burn in Hell. More »

Sam And Nia: The Downfall of A Douche

Bullshit, anti-gay Christian vlogger Sam Rader got busted in the Ashley Madison hack, too. It’s almost like there’s a pattern. More »

Josh Duggar’s Wife Won’t Leave Him

Josh Duggar’s wife won’t leave him after all the horrible shit that keeps coming out and will probably blame herself in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! More »

Josh Duggar Admits Using Ashley Madison, Blames Porn Addiction

Josh Duggar has confessed to cheating on his wife after being exposed by the Ashley Madison hack. He also says it’s all porn’s fault. … More »

Josh Duggar Just Screwed The Whole Family Off The Air

Josh Duggar just fucked the whole family’s chances of ever getting back on TV again. More »

Josh Duggar Got Busted In Ashley Madison Hack. The Josh Duggar.