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Ashley Dupre stretches those 15 minutes, gives first interview on Eliot Spitzer scandal

Turns out “former” call girl Ashley Alexander Dupre isn’t quite done whoring herself out yet. In the latest issue of People, Ashley gives her first interview about being ensnared in the FBI investigation that led to the resignation of her frequent client New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. (Bikini photos added for journalistic emphasis.):

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Ashley Dupre extends her 15 minutes by way of bikini (I’ll allow it)

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the infamous prostitute that ended New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s career, was spotted over the weekend at the beach in New Jersey with her mom (ass seen here). Hopefully, Ashley stayed out of the polluted water because a body like that is a terrible thing to waste. God knows what the chemicals… More »

Joe Francis offers Ashley Dupre $1 mil – again

Ashley Dupre is currently suing Joe Francis for $10 million claiming she was tricked into filming for Girls Gone Wild. Being the saint that he is, and I wholeheartedly mean that, Joe put his $1 million offer back on the table for Ashley. All she has to do is tour with Girls Gone… More »

Ashley Dupre sues Joe Francis for $10 mil

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Eliot Spitzer’s whore, is suing Girls Gone Wild for 10 million smackers. Ashley had a fake ID saying she was 21 when Joe Francis found her and put her on tape. Since her recent notoriety from the Spitzer case, Joe has been making some decent scratch off of her… More »

Eliot Spitzer’s hooker: I want to be famous forever!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s “fame” was built on the fact that she was a prostitute frequented by then-Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York. And, just as Ben Franklin envisioned it, politicians plus whores equals CHA-CHING! Her music career seemed to be taking off and million dollar offers were coming in to see her nude. More »

Gov. Spitzer’s wife knew about hookers for years

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda supposedly knew about his relations with hookers such as Ashley Alexandra Dupre (above), according to a reliable source for Page Six:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told friends his wife was aware of his dalliances with hookers for years but looked the other way. “He said something like,… More »

Donald Trump solicited Ashley Dupre – for TV, HA! Fooled you!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s business is booming. But this time not in her pantalones. Donald Trump has made an offer to Ashley for her to appear on a new untitled reality show set to air on MTV, according to People:

Based on a British show called Ladette to Lady, the show will take… More »

Eliot Spitzer sought by Playgirl

Since I have been giving a decent amount of coverage to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, it’s only fair that I report on Eliot Spitzer’s post-resignation offers. It looks like Playgirl is countering Ashley’s $1 million Hustler deal and wants the former governor to debrief (witty!) himself in a full nude photo shoot, according to… More »

Ashley Dupre was the Girl Gone Wildest

Ashley Alexandra Dupre not only got freaky for Gov. Spitzer, but during her week with Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, she was the wildest one of the bunch. She claimed to be a 21-year-old waitress named Amber and was so wild the Girls crew ditched her, according to the Palm Beach Post:

Amber… More »

Ashley Alexandra Dupre already was a Girl Gone Wild (Gasp!)

Surprise! Ashley Alexandra Dupre already flashed her boobs for Girls Gone Wild back in 2003. A prostitute got naked for Joe Franics? What are the odds? The AP reports:

“It’ll save me a million bucks,” Francis told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “It’s kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in… More »

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