Ashanti loses her cousin

Ashanti cancelled a performance in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday after her 20-year-old cousin and personal assistant were killed by a drunken teen driver.

Police said that Quinshae Snead, known as Quin, was en route to Ashanti’s hotel on an errand before Saturday’s concert when the car she was riding in was… More »

Ashanti is thin

If I recall correctly, Ashanti used to be pretty damn hot. You know what else is hot? – burritos, which Ashanti has apparently been eating by the bucketload. I’ve never tried to squeeze a bowling ball into a sandwich bag, and this is why. She doesn’t look terrible, but there’s a time and… More »

Ashanti breached contract

A federal jury concluded yesterday that Ashanti owes $630,000 to her first producer for breach of contract. Ashanti testified during the four-day trial that Parker did not live up to the terms of their deal as he helped her create music in a home studio that was so crude she sang in the bathroom. Ashanti’s… More »


I don’t care much for her music (everything she does sounds like backup), but these photos of Ashanti are admittedly hot. I normally frown upon all the bling bling, with the personalized visor and dangling gold chains, but Ashanti pulls the whole thing off. Plus, her choice in shorts is totally fine by me. If… More »

Fantasia Barrino

How did this ugly crackwhore of a woman win American Idol? Not that anybody gives a shit about that piece of shit show, but it seems weird that this girl won. Not only does she not look like an American Idol/pop star, but she looks like she belongs on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine. Did… More »