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Shia LaBeouf Tried To Say He’s In The National Guard

Wait, Shia LaBeouf lied out of his ass while getting arrested? NO! More »

Shia LaBeouf’s Drunk Butt-Touching Days Are Over

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember last week when the artist formerly known as the actor Shia LaBeouf went on Ellen to thoughtfully reflect on society’s shared existential void, which lead him to act out, in turn leading meanie meanheads to say mean things about him on the Internet? It could have been all… More »

Shia LaBeouf Arrested For Smoking & Slapping People’s Asses During Broadway Show

If you somehow haven’t heard by now, Shia LaBeouf, now known only to himself as the “Bob DeNiro of Performance Art, Bitch,” was arrested last night for smoking and slapping people’s asses during a performance of Cabaret and reportedly hauled out in tears while handcuffed. A dramatic scene that apparently ended as soon as he… More »

There Are 800 Hours of Justin Bieber Saying N*gger

Yesterday saw the release of another Justin Bieber video where he sits in front of a camera repeatedly saying the word nigger while not a goddamn person stops him. In one case, it sounds a hell of a lot like his own mom is egging him on which makes sense coming from a woman who… More »

Y’All’s About To See Justin #Bbare’s DANGALANG

Parentally it’s your berfdays because y’all’s about to see my boy B-Bare whippin’ his dick out and pissin’ all over da police.. station toilet where my jigga did hard time for lightin’ da streets a Miami on fire with yo mama’s panties. Thirty Mile Zizzone:

Law enforcement sources tell us … they fully… More »

George Zimmerman’s Guns Just Got Taken Away

Yesterday George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence which I’m sure we’ll find out was just a couple having an argument just like the rest of us. Right, gun lovers? Right. Via The Orlando Sentinel:

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday after he cocked and pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, shattered a glass-top… More »

I’ll Just Go Ahead And Leave This Here

George Zimmerman Arrested For Domestic Violence – NBC Orlando

Adding… This time the victim is white, so we’re probably looking at the chair. However, she is a woman, so it’ll come down to Florida statutes on whether or not she was cooking a delicious meal, book learning, or communing with the devil. (Unverifiable… More »

The Cop’s Dashboard Cam Recorded Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest. Yes.

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember when just reading the transcript for when Reese Witherspoon drunkenly freaked out on a cop was great? Well, the dash cam video from the cruiser (with clear audio) is even better because holy shit does chardonnay turn Reese into a surly diva. There’s even a part where she… More »

Ochocinco Headbutted Evelyn Lozada (Allegedly), Kicked Off The Dolphins (Not Allegedly)

Based solely on this picture above, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada seem like the kind of couple who would go the distance. Unfortunately the distance turned out to be him getting arrested Saturday night for allegedly headbutting her because he’s an idiot who doesn’t get rid of condom receipts. Seriously, what was he going… More »

Fred Willard Arrested For Pulling A Pee-Wee

“They’re up, they’re up!”

Wall-E star Fred Willard (What? Everyone else is choosing random movies.) was arrested in Hollywood last night for allegedly masturbating in an adult movie theater because apparently they still have those, and even weirder, people still expect you to do something besides not touch yourself there. Beats me. (Last… More »

Jersey Shore’s Deena Arrested For Drunkenly Slapping Cars

In her defense, I’m sober and it even took me an hour to realize she’s not hugging Snooki.

While filming an episode of Jersey Shore yesterday, Deena Cortese apparently looked down at her script and saw the words, “You’re the one who gets arrested this season,” so here she is horse-hammered drunk before… More »

Michael Lohan Was Drunk, High During Arrest, Also Thought He Was Spider-Man

“Now there’s a vagina I’d like to kick. In the vagina…”

When Michael Lohan was arrested last night, it was reported that he attempted to jump out his hotel window only to land in a tree. Turns out it’s way more hilarious than that, mainly because he was shit-faced drunk and high on… More »

Michael Lohan Got Arrested Again

Later, Michael’s bond would be revoked after giving his bondsman’s wife a foot massage.

Here’s Michael Lohan shortly after posting bail yesterday afternoon for allegedly beating Kate Major again either because, her story, she refused to blow him or, his story, because he ejaculated in her and she got all pissy about it… More »

Lindsay Lohan Posing Nude For Playboy

Let the descent into porn begin. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us the deal has been in the works for months, and that Lindsay balked at an initial $750K offer because she wanted … ONE MILLION dollars … to show the world what her momma gave her (apologies for the DiLo reference).
We’re… More »

Matthew Fox Allegedly Punched A Chick in The Lady Parts, All The Lady Parts

Speaking of woman-beaters, Jack Shepard, or “Matthew Fox“, whatever that means, apparently really wanted to crash a party bus in Cleveland Saturday night only to find himself blocked by some dumb cooze forcing him to take action. Fortunately Locke and Sawyer had stolen the briefcase full of guns earlier or this could’ve gone all wrong. More »

Weston Cage’s Wife Kicked His Ass Now

On Sunday night, Weston Cage claimed that the 13 punches to the face he took from his babysitter only happened because he was one drink short of death and took a cheap shot to the balls, according to TMZ:

He says that if he had a few more drinks, his “loyal and beautiful… More »

Estella Warren is Kind of a Badass

So, apparently Estella Warren has been The Fifth Element all along. TMZ reports:

The crazy incident occurred Monday night just before midnight. Cops say Warren was driving in L.A. when she struck 3 parked cars in her Toyota Prius. Warren drove away but cops spotted her and placed her under arrest for driving… More »

Lawrence Taylor is a decent guy

Lawrence Taylor’s legal team plans to argue that the former NFL legend didn’t have sex with a 16-year-old prostitute, but instead just jerked off while she was in the room and then a used condom magically appeared. I’m not even joking. TMZ reports:

As one source put it, Lawrence engaged in a “masturbatory… More »

Michael Lohan must like jail

Seen here with his new girlfriend The Dumb Bitch Who Thought She Could Ride Jon Gosselin’s Penis to Stardom (Pretty sure that’s her legal name.), Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for calling his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller in violation of a restraining order, according to the New York Post:

He allegedly phoned Muller at… More »

Gary Coleman arrested for domestic violence

Seen here taking the world’s angriest midget mugshot, Gary Coleman was arrested on domestic violence in Utah on Saturday. E! News reports:

Coleman’s latest arrest follows his wife’s bust last July for suspicion of domestic violence and disorderly conduct in the same Utah town.
The duo, who married in August 2007, had… More »

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