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Antoine Dodson Impregnated A Woman. Yes, That Antoine Dodson

Viral superstar Antoine Dodson already sold out homosexuals for a chicken sandwich, so it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that he threw them even further under the bus by praying away his gay and inseminating his wife by ejaculating into her vagina just like all those boring stories he heard about straight… More »

Antoine Dodson Says It’s Okay To Eat Chick-fil-A, That’s All I Needed To Hear

Thanks to this whole Chick-fil-A business, I’ve found myself gripped in an epic internal struggle to reconcile my insatiable love for delicious chicken sandwiches with defending gay rights from religious bigots who won’t think twice about lying for Jesus. (Here’s how that’s going: My car smells like waffle fries.) But then yesterday, like a dreadlocked… More »