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The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Remember that scene in Man of Steel where Superman’s drowning in all those skulls? That’s literally the only way to describe what it’s felt like today covering the Grammys. So think of this last gallery as me escaping those skulls (Without Space Dad helping. Aw, what?) except some of them are grabbing John Legend’s dickMore »

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

We’ve already spent way too much time on the Emmys, so here are the rest of the red carpet pics featuring such classics as Rapidly De-Aging Skylar White, an act of terrorism, Julianne Hough & The See-Through Butt, My Dick Is Huge I Can Laugh However I Want, Haha! Superman Dumped You, Bring Your ViralMore »

Chris Pratt is Star-Lord in ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’

Chris Pratt gets to have sex with Anna Faris and now on top of that, he’s scored the lead in Marvel’s next superhero franchise Guardians of the Galaxy because he’s the son of The Devil. That’s the only explanation. The Devil ejaculated into a human woman, nine months later Chris Pratt popped out and said,… More »

So This Is Where Anna Faris’ Baby Will Pop Out…

Anna Faris just announced she’s pregnant this week, so I don’t exactly know how I feel about posting pics of her having a wardrobe malfunction at last night’s premiere of The Dictator. Except I do and it’s knock out my rent, you horny little click puppets, it’s not like the kid’s crowning even though this… More »

Anna Faris is Cleavagey and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Conan O’Brien does exactly what we’d all have done in this situation. [Huffington Post]

- George Clooney’s new commercial has a special message for Stacey Kiebler. [Dlisted]

- Brad Pitt’s Sports Illustrated cover is still not creepier than skinny Jonah Hill. [Lainey Gossip]
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Anna Faris and Chris Evans are Naked

Hey, guys, popping my head up out of this holiday weekend for a few quick items:

1. Anna Faris totally naked on the set of What’s Your Number? Now there’s speculation these pics currently making the Internet rounds might be a body double (Or not!), and if so, that shit should seriously be… More »

Anna Faris just because and other news

- Billy Ray Cyrus is reaching the final stages of running that child brothel he’s always dreamed about. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes which proves Holocaust jokes are HILARIOUS. [PopEater]

- Alessandra Ambrosio in cut-offs. Need I say more? [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

-More »

Anna Faris in a bikini – on her honeymoon. Sonofabitch!

Here’s Anna Faris and her new husband Chris Pratt in Maui – where they eloped this weekend. That’s right, these two are not only together but married. I swear I will spend every minute of every day trying to win her heart away from this man. And fortunately it looks like she’s attracted to unbridledMore »

Anna Faris, will you marry me? (Or just do naked stuff.)

- Anna Faris accidentally sent a sexually explicit text to a child during a routine “Sex Text Wednesday” with her boyfriend. And it’s official, I must kill this man in battle and take Anna as my bride. There’s really no other option at this point. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Christian Bale keeps… More »

Anna Faris is hot. I don’t say that enough.

Here’s Anna Faris looking all kinds of hot at the LA premiere of her new movie Observe and Report. I mean, she’s practically the perfect woman. Funny, all natural (minus the hair) and most importantly, engaged. Okay, I said that last part to sound cool but will probably just end up getting hit in the… More »