Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar Might Finally Divorce Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar might finally divorce her moon-faced, child molesting, sex-addict husband Josh Duggar. More »

Only Josh Duggar Can Save The Family From Colin Kaepernick Now

Josh Duggar is totally redeemed as his brother-in-law falls into the pit of sin known as “being woke.” More »

Josh Duggar Wants His Own Reality Show Now

Josh Duggar thinks people will watch him become a better Christian on TV. Then again, Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate, so sure, why not? Nothing matters anymore. More »

Josh Duggar Won’t Be On Jill & Jessa – Or Their Show (BAHZING!)

Josh Duggar won’t be on Jill & Jessa: Counting On, but his poor, brainwashed Stockholm Syndrome wife will. More »

Josh Duggar Is Out Of Rehab

Josh Duggar is free. RIP Anna’s vagina. More »

Anna Duggar Admits Visiting Josh In Rehab, Doesn’t Deny Pregnancy

Anna Duggar isn’t helping those pregnancy rumors. More »

Josh Duggar Got His Wife Pregnant While In Sex Rehab, Oh Good

Anna Duggar is reportedly pregnant with another Josh Duggar offspring. Just… goddammit. More »

Michelle Duggar Would Like To Talk About Fucking Now

Michelle Duggar pretends to give advice to newlyweds but is really throwing some next level shade at Anna Duggar for not banging Josh enough. … More »

Another Porn Star Claims Josh Duggar Had Rough Sex With Her

A second porn star claims Josh Duggar had rough sex with her, too, while cheating on his wife. More »

The Duggars Are Getting Pounded In The Ass By People Magazine

I read all of People’s coverage on the Duggars. Help me. More »

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