Ann Coulter

Jeff Ross Isn’t Having Ann Coulter’s Shit

Ann Coulter tried to spin her appearance at the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, but Jeff Ross wasn’t having it. More »

What Happened To Britney Spears’ Face?

Here’s Britney Spears leaving a gym with her mom yesterday – I’ll assume this is related. – and seriously, what the hell is going on with her face? Are they starving her? Because my money’s on starving her. And yet nobody’s going to do anything. But if she was a puppy, you’d all sign 20,000… More »

So I Just Saw Ann Coulter’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

On the Breaking Bad episode of The Writers’ Room, Vince Gilligan was asked about the politics of the show, and he made it a point to say that he purposeful keep it apolitical and chemistry teacher Walter White facing financial ruin from cancer was nothing more than a plot device. Which makes sense because that’s… More »

Ann Coulter’s jaw wired shut

Fa la la la! Ann “I’ll Say My Own Mother is a Queer Terrorist to Sell Books” Coulter’s jaw is reportedly wired shut after she broke it it in an undisclosed incident, according to Page Six. Wow. Can you folks excuse me? I suddenly feel the need to laugh hysterically for the next… More »