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BREAKING: Years Old, Publicly Available Photo of Andrew Breitbart Hugging A Black Guy Found

Shocking. Just absolutely shocking.

For those of you who don’t follow politics and think the site’s suddenly gone full Klansmen, shortly before his death, conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart touted that he had come across shocking footage of Barack Obama’s college years that was so damaging, many retardedly theorized he was murdered over it. More »

Andrew Breitbart & Anthony Weiner Were Going To Do A CNN Show Together. Come Again?

If this thing wasn’t going to be called “CrossStream,” we’re truly lost as a nation.

Just so a certain segment of The Superficial’s audience believes this, here’s a report from FOX Nation: The Network Jesus Would Watch that says Andrew Breitbart and Anthony Weiner, the Democratic congressman he brought down by accurately reporting… More »

Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart

“No one ever suspects the President. HAHAHAHAHA- Oh, right, all those white people.”

When I first read all the insane conspiracy theories regarding Andrew Breitart’s death, my immediate reaction was to laugh and wonder how these people get through a day without chaining a loved one in the basement until they can prove… More »

Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 (1969 – 2012)


Photo: GettyMore »

Anthony Weiner’s Wife is Pregnant

“Come again? …. You’re right, too soon.”

In case you were wondering if the Anthony Weiner scandal could get even worse than a fully exposed picture of his penis penetrating the Internet today, now comes word that his wife Huma Abedin has been pregnant this whole time. Neat. The New York Times report:… More »

Anthony’s Weiner: A Tale of Two Dicks

For those of you gleefully unaware of politics in general, New York congressman Anthony Weiner essentially admitted in a surprisingly “frank” – *adjusts bowtie* – press conference to sending several women who are “coming” out of the “wood”work – A thank you, thank you. – photos of his penis via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and pretty… More »