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Good Morning, Andressa Urach, And Other News

- The Fall of The Beyonce Empire [Lainey Gossip] - Lindsay Lohan's dad put ANOTHER baby in Jon Gosselin's sloppy seconds. [Dlisted] - Sunday Is A Good Day For Lingerie [theCHIVE] - Farrah Abraham wants a better life for her daughter? GIVE HER TO WOLVES. [Fishwrapper] - A Message For Floyd Mayweather [The Frisky] -

By: The Superficial / June 16, 2014

Good Morning, Andressa Urach, And Other News

- Aaron Paul's Need For Speed might be what everyone thought Drive would be. [Lainey Gossip] - Blake Lively wants to be the new Gwyneth Paltrow no no NOOOOOOO! [Dlisted] - Let's Put Some Asian In The Equation Shall We? [theCHIVE] - Wouldn't it be awesome if Andressa Urach was topless in those pics? Oh,…

By: The Superficial / September 26, 2013

‘And Henceforth Them Brazilian Butts Shall Be So Wide, Them Other Brothers Cannot Deny’ – FDR

Alright, folks, it's President's Day, and now that we've caught up on Most Important People and Playmate Instagrams, it's time for Photo Boy and I to cobble together some semblance of a day off. ("Wah! The poor Internet men had to work for a few hours in their jammies." I know, I'll shut up.) So…

By: The Superficial / February 18, 2013