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On Anderson Cooper And Republican Bullshit About Orlando

Anderson Cooper isn’t letting Republicans suddenly pretend they’re champions of the LBGT community after Orlando. Fuck all that. More »

Icing Was The Case That They Gave Screech

The same night he ‘accidentally’ stabbed a guy in a bar, Dustin Diamond allegedly threatened to stab anyone who refused to chug a Smirnoff Ice because life after being a child star is just tops. Absolutely tops. More »

Donald Sterling’s Interview Is A Goddamn Goldmine

Donald Sterling’s full interview with Anderson Cooper aired last night, and Jesus fucking Christ, is it a goddamn treasure trove. Not only does it take his admitted jealousy of Magic Johnson obsessively further, but it also manages to make Donald Sterling look like even more of a racist if that’s even possible. I say this… More »

Donald Sterling Is Sorry He Was Tricked Into Saying The Racist Thoughts In His Head

While I was on vacation, I completely missed the entire Donald Sterling fiasco which Photo Boy manhandled eloquently right down to laughing with glee at a racist old bastard dying of cancer. *balances a treat on his nose* Except before that last part happens, Donald Sterling would like your forgiveness and more importantly, your understanding… More »

Alec Baldwin Isn’t Famous Anymore

In case you haven’t heard by now, Alec Baldwin has dictated a lengthy essay to Vulture about his decision to quit public life because he met with the faggots, and he made nice with the faggots, but you faggots can’t seem to leave him alone to do important work helping you faggots out. Which is… More »

Charlize Theron Somehow Convinced Sean Penn To Get Rid of His Guns, It’s A Mystery

Sean Penn used to bang Scarlett Johansson, yet at no point during their relationship did she convince him to get rid of his guns which is what happens when you get pregnant and abort a man’s baby. (Weird angles made me say that. They have my family!) Charlize Theron, on the other hand, knocked that… More »

Leave Ireland Baldwin’s Dad Alone!

If you thought the Alec Baldwin calling a photographer a cocksucking fag fiasco ended when he brilliantly wheeled out his hairdresser and went, “See? I love dick-licker!” hell to the fuck no. Since then, he attacked another reporter – making that three in one morning – had his MSNBC show suspended (if not cancelled altogether),… More »

Anderson Cooper Was Gay This Whole Time?!

A lot of you are going to have a hard time swallowing this one, but apparently Anderson Cooper has been gay this whole time. “But he hid it so well!” I know, I know. You’re not the only one who sat around making oil paintings of a silver haired knight satisfying the pleasure mounds of… More »

Anderson Cooper Punched 10 Times in the Head in Egypt

“And yet still as beautiful as a baby’s ass dipped in silver. *kisses fingers* C’est magnifique!”

According to CNN’s Steve Bursk’s Twitter – Welcome to the state of journalism, says the man blogging about tits. – Anderson Cooper was reportedly attacked by a mob in Egypt while covering the protests yesterday morning:
More »

Lady GaGa Looks About Right

First, they dressed James Franco in drag. Now Candy Magazine is saluting Lady GaGa by hiring a male impersonator to pee standing up on account of all the secret penis talk. Of course, she’ll probably love it, but at this rate, I can’t wait for their Mel Gibson tribute where they paint a picture of… More »

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