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Justin Bieber’s Sad, Thinks He’s Getting Winehoused

It’s Justin Bieber’s time of the month. No, not that one, the one where he claims martyrdom. More »

Amy Winehouse Drank Herself To Death? That Can’t Be Right

For those of you just joining the “boring Internet” after wrapping up your daily porn calisthenics – Pretend I’m the only who does that at work and I’ll shoot you in the thorax. – Amy Winehouse’s cause of death has been officially determined as over-consumption of alcohol. Five times the legal limit to be exact,… More »

Of Course There’s a Topless Amy Winehouse Memorial Statue

Taking time off from such groundbreaking works as “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Love is a Goose Dick Inside an Armadillo” and “Maple Bieber Wiener: A Looney Tunes Retrospective,” artist Daniel Edwards has now drawn up plans for a Amy Winehouse bust at the behest of some British people he met on Facebook. (Read: Voices… More »

Amy Winehouse’s Family Says Toxicology Report Came Back Clean For Drugs

So this is happening. Via BBC News:

Toxicology results have shown “no illegal substances” in Amy Winehouse’s system at the time of her death, according to her family.
They say tests indicate alcohol was present but it cannot yet be determined if it played a role in the singer’s death last month. More »

The Most Random Sh*t You’ll Read All Day

Hanson created Amy Winehouse. No, really. Via Starpulse:

Hanson star Isaac Hanson has been left floored after learning his family trio was the band that sparked Amy Winehouse’s interest in music.
Winehouse was a big fan of the “MMMBop” hitmakers as a teenager in north London – a fact Hanson didn’t know… More »

Lady GaGa: ‘The World Killed Amy Winehouse’

Because people who make claw hands’ opinions matter most, Lady GaGa was invited onto The View yesterday where, per junkie code, she proceeded to defend Amy Winehouse by saying there are absolutely no lessons to learn from her tragic, unpredictable death except, of course, for “the world” who basically murdered her. Via RadarOnline:

More »

Amy Winehouse Wasn’t Adopting a Child, You Don’t Say?

Over the weekend, it was rumored that Amy Winehouse was in the final stages of adopting a 10-year-old girl from St. Lucia (above) which people actually took seriously even though, at the most smallest, practically non-existent levels, there’s no way any form of government would’ve signed off on this. In fact, because I’m an optimist,… More »

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Gave Her Clothes To Fans, Why Does That Sound Familiar?

Ah, yes:

On June 29, 1763, a week after the siege began, Bouquet was preparing to lead an expedition to relieve Fort Pitt when he received a letter from Amherst making the following proposal: “Could it not be contrived to send the smallpox among the disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this… More »

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Claims She Hasn’t Done Drugs in 3 Years

Sure, she didn’t.

All of us process grief differently. Some use alcohol, some seek comfort in family members, some pray and some lash out. Then there are those like Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch who crawl into an awkward massive hole of denial so deep, you can’t help but wonder if he showed up… More »

Of Course We’re Going To Pretend Amy Winehouse Didn’t Die From Drugs

For some reason, when celebrities die, the media likes to try and whitewash their death, most likely because their fans won’t hear a word about their beloved idol actually being a crazed drug addict even though they looked Amy Winehouse above almost every single time they’re photographed. Case in point: I actually caught shit from… More »

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