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It’s Amy Schumer Kurt Metzger Rape Apologist SEO Time

So something happened with Amy Schumer, Kurt Metzger, rape, and her show being cancelled except not really. It’s all pretty confusing. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. More »

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Went After Our Fucked Up Gun Laws

H. Jon Benjamin is a gun lawyer. A useless, ineffective gun lawyer because we’re all fucked. More »

Amy Schumer’s Vagina Stopped Gun Violence, Cleared It Right Up

Amy Schumer is helping? No, that’s not right. More »

This Is Some Hunger Games Type Shit: The 2016 MET Gala

Here’s the rest of The 2016 MET Gala. I have no fucking clue. More »

Amy Schumer Will Still Take Selfies With You If You’re Not A Dick

If Amy Schumer won’t take a selfie with you, maybe don’t say you own her like property. More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Gonna Be *Pissed*

Okay, maybe Amy Schumer is stealing people’s schtick. More »

Amy Schumer Isn’t ‘Plus Size,’ Knock That Shit Off

Glamour put Amy Schumer on a list of plus size women, and she is not having it. More »

Amy Schumer Isn’t Stealing Jokes, Calm Your Ass Down

Amy Schumer denies being a joke thief on the Jim Norton Advice Show as the female comics she allegedly stole from defend her. More »

Everyone Seems Very Surprised Amy Schumer Has A Boyfriend

Amy Schumer met her boyfriend Ben Hanisch on Bumble, which we’ll now all pretend is a feminist achievement. More »

Amy Schumer Naked, Anyone?

Aziz Ansari Riding Jennifer Lawrence’s Back, Anyone?

Aziz Ansari’s entire life just peaked. More »

Jennifer Lawrence Pees In Sinks

Amy Schumer Advocates For Gun Control, This Should Go Over Well

Amy Schumer makes a public plea for common sense gun laws after a mass shooting during a showing of Trainwreck that left three people dead and nine injured. … More »

Amy Schumer’s Breasts Get A Post

Amy Schumer wears the Slave Leia bikini for GQ . Also, side boob because the Internet Gods demand sacrifice. More »

Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In The Court of Public Opinion

Amy Schumer defends your right to enjoy The Cosby Show without thinking about all those women Bill Cosby raped. … More »

I Suddenly Like Amy Schumer Now

Amy Schumer pretended to trip in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the TIME 100 Gala, so there should be a rant coming any minute now. More »