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Alli Sims in a bikini proves Spears’ gene is a cruel mistress

When the report came in, I refused to believe another one of these.. these BEASTS existed. But the boys in the lab confirmed its existence and suggested the two might possibly be related. Cousins even. What kind of sick bastard are you, God? Like its “relative,” we discovered this one on the beach just inMore »

Jamie Spears must watch Supernanny

Britney’s dad Jamie Spears is apparently running a tight ship. OK! Magazine reports Britney is kept on a regimented schedule which makes sense. Children crave structure and discipline which Jamie Spears is dishing out like Bruce Lee if he ran a day care for 26-years-old. I rock at metaphors:

Britney’s father is… More »

Britney Spears is screwed

Britney Spears’ cousin/assistant Alli Sims was served legal papers at 3 AM Sunday morning as she was leaving a house party in the Hollywood Hills. The documents state that Alli will be forced to testify in the ongoing custody battle between Britney and Kevin Federline and she’ll have to discuss Britney’s parenting skills,… More »