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Alicia Silverstone’s Naked Butt Says Don’t Wear Wool

Alicia Silverstone is naked and clueless about actual issues affecting the world today. (See what I did there? Like the movie!) More »

Alicia Silverstone Is ‘Very Glad’ She Pukes Into Her Kid’s Mouth To Feed Him

After voluntarily informing the entire Internet she pre-chews her son’s food then Frenches it into his 11-month-old mouth, Alicia Silverstone now wants everyone to know she’s “very glad” she’s accomplished such an incredible task yet somehow understands it isn’t for everyone. I say somehow because during her early child development someone clearly pre-chewed logic and… More »

Alicia Silverstone’s Going To Be ‘That’ Mom, Walks Around With Son Dangling From Her Boob

It was at that moment Bear Blu realized soon his mother would begin regurgitating her breast milk. Calmly he adjusted the handgun in his diaper and waited. Patience, Bear. Patience…

While the Internet learned that Alicia Silverstone fully believes her son is a small eaglet that requires pre-digested food vomited into his mouth,… More »

Alicia Silverstone Chews Her Son’s Food And Then Feeds It To Him Like A Baby Bird. Yup.

“Now, Bear, eat your lunch out of Mommy’s face hole like a good boy…”

And here’s almost exactly what I just said in the headline, except in Alicia Silverstone’s own words via ONTD:

“I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. More »

I Think Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant

Some people might say it’s not fair to post candid photos of a pregnant woman who, in her defense, looks less likely to go into labor than say, Kirstie Alley. However, those people were probably never a young boy anticipating the new Batman movie only to be psychedelically assaulted with neon codpieces and a Batgirl… More »

Alicia Silverstone gets naked for PETA

Alicia Silverstone got completely naked (and completely Photoshopped) for the latest ad from PETA. And I’m not sure how being naked and being a vegetarian are related, but it somehow just makes sense. In fact, all future ad campaigns should follow this example. Advertising a used car dealership? Naked woman. Canned soup? Naked… More »

Alicia Silverstone snubs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Watch the top video. Watch the bottom video. Laugh. Or if you don’t think you can handle the screeching just skip straight to the bottom video. … More »

We all fall down

From time to time, it’s reassuring to know that even celebrities embarrass themselves by doing dumbass things that we plebes do everyday: falling down, making sex tapes, going on trial for child molestation, murdering hobos. Recently, it’s been the not-so-nimble who have been making their way into the headlines, like the Prada-clad Devil, Anna Wintour… More »