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BREAKING: Halle Berry Dipped Her Bare Breast In Guacamole

Halle Berry is a goddamn crazy woman, but if there’s one thing college taught me about them, it’s that every once in a while that crazy pays off. Although, for Movie 43 director Peter Farrelly it wasn’t so much drunken sex with Marilyn Manson playing in the background causing him to jump out a window… More »

Alicia Keys in a Bikini and Other News

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- Peter Dinklage is going to make me watch a movie about LARPing. [Huffington Post]

- Rhys Ifans went nuts at Comic-Con. [Dlisted]

- Rob Lowe’s dyed-blonde Drew Peterson look. [Lainey Gossip]

- Aubrey O’Day posted something unexpected on Twitter. Just kidding! It’s… More »

The Celebrites Are ‘Alive,’ Everybody!

After not even six whole days, the celebrities involved in the Keep a Child Alive campaign managed to convince a billionaire to donate $500,000 so they can all return to Twitter after it was starting to look like it’d be awhile before they could shill for Best Buy again. So, on that note, I took… More »

Alicia Keys in a bikini

You’d think bikini pictures of Alicia Keys would be all kinds of crazy hot with maybe some sexy piano-playing thrown in for good measure. Turns out you, and most importantly me, would be horribly mistaken. Here’s Alicia at a hotel pool in Australia just chowing down, checking her Blackberry and generally being the exact opposite… More »

Alicia Keys makes pianos sexy

Alicia Keys attended the 54th ONDA Awards in Barcelona, Spain. I have no idea what any of that means, but I’m sure it’s a fancy way of saying “watch the hot chick play the piano.” Does anyone think there’s something odd about the crotch of her pants? It’s almost like her vagina is trying to… More »