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Nicolas Cage Has A Ponytail, Somehow

Here’s Nicolas Cage sporting a ponytail at LAX yesterday which is amazing because here is 23 days ago at the Venice Film Festival with a not-ponytail. Although, in fairness he could just be going method for Every Cowboy Sings A Sad, Sad Song: The Bret Michaels Story and booked a flight to hepatitis. The man&#8217…

The Superficial / September 24, 2013

Nicolas Cage Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Looking to join the prestigious ranks of Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown and Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace early Saturday morning after getting absolutely shit-hammered in New Orleans where he’s filming Medallion. Details have been pouring in, so here’s the latest rundown of his night which somehow include…

The Superficial / April 18, 2011