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Seth MacFarlane Banged Alexis Knapp While She Was Pregnant With Ryan Phillippe’s Baby

Let me just start out by saying, I love everything about this fucked up story particularly the part where Seth MacFarlane demonstrates he’s a goddamn genius by employing the age-old maxim, “Well, it’s not like she can get more pregnant.” Us Weekly reports:

Alexis Knapp — who gave birth last year to daughter… More »

Ryan Phillippe Really Wants That DNA Test

“Just here to hope it comes out black. Wink.”

Model Alexis Knapp apparently gave birth to a baby girl as Ryan Phillippe watched in the delivery room, according to People, which sounds well and good until the first sentence reveals it’s never been proven he’s the father. So basically Ryan Phillippe stood in… More »

Ryan Phillippe Knocked This Up

Ryan Phillippe’s life just got a lot more fun. Apparently over the summer he not only dated model Alexis Knapp (above), but stuck his penis in her vagina without a condom on which somehow resulted in a pregnancy. Who knew that’s how that works? People reports:

Alexis Knapp, 26, an actress who dated… More »