“Dude, I can still see the parts that look a vagina. Knock it off.”

When we last left A-Rod, he was throwing a gladiator bikini party and/or making… More »


Now that Alex Rodriguez is single again, he has no choice but to lounge around his mansion in Miami while tons of women do cartwheels in bikinis. Or at least… More »

A-Rod Is A Master Of Stealth

Wait, did I say A-Rod’s in this post? Because clearly there’s nothing in these photos but a parking meter, some cars and a Tazo tea. I’m probably just drunk.
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“Wow, those are testicles!” – That guy. In the orange. Sorry, should’ve been more specific.

If you found yourself wondering, “Gee, does Cameron Diaz still have freakish, almost… More »


Cameron Diaz is Madonna Now

Because A-Rod clearly prefers a strong, unyielding arm up the anus, here’s a ripped Cameron Diaz leaving a Venice Beach gym yesterday. Unfortunately for her, I can see the semblance… More »

“We’re going streaking!”

For reasons known only to a Macanudo and a butler who can keep a secret, Bill Clinton joined Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez for dinner… More »

Did I say George Clooney? Clearly I meant Jesus.

George Clooney paid Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez a surprise visit in Mexico yesterday proving my theory that he… More »


“White girl all putting her ass up in my face… I was on 227!”

I’m not even going to lie to you guys and pretend these bikini photos… More »

These are shots of Kate Hudson in New York last night after reports broke that A-Rod ditched her for some random tail in Miami. Obviously she’s depressed, but hey,… More »

Somehow I missed this story last week, but I’m posting it anyway because it’s too good to pass up. Via The Dish Rag:

Alex Rodriguez is rumored to… More »


Seen here watching the Yankees play the Angels last week, Kate Hudson has dropped off the radar since New York Fashion Week in early September with rumors coming in… More »

- Lourdes Leon recreates Madonna’s iconic “Like a Virgin” outfit which means it’s only a few years until she’s snatching babies from small African villages. They grow up so… More »