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By All Means, Alex Pettyfer, Fingerbang Marloes Horst Right In The Middle of Coachella

“Holy shit, is that Leonardo DiCaprio dancing over there? Wait, where you going? Babe. Babe, come back! Babe! I wasn’t done finger- goddammit.” – How this story ended

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Alex Pettyfer Has a Tattoo Above His Crotch That Says ‘Thank You’

In a recent interview for VMAN, I Am Number Four and Beastly star Alex Pettyfer trashes Hollywood and explains the reason for his grateful crotch tattoo. Via E! News who apparently doesn’t realize “cunts” has a different connotation in England:

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Dianna Agron is ‘Prudish’

Glee’s Dianna Agron reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, star of I Am Number Four, this week over modeling photos he took with photographer Tyler Shields (above), which would make sense if they weren’t taken before they were dating. RadarOnline reports:

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