Alan Scott

Gay Green Lantern Destroyed ‘Millions of Moms’

“This’ll teach those evildoers to mess with Ellen… Mmmf.. mmmfff.. that’s just my power ring.. mfff.. goes off when there’s trouble.. mmff.. no, it’s cool, someone else’ll get it.. mmmfff.. are you gonna keep asking questions, John Travolta? Because I can go.”

Despite my issues with DC Comics touting they were making one… More »

Green Lantern is Gay (In A Separate, Alternate Universe Though Just To Be Safe)

Also, he’s flaming. Literally. Subtle, DC. Very subtle…

A huge amount of online ink was spread today covering the supposedly groundbreaking news that DC Comics made Green Lantern gay which is surprising considering it’s not even Hal Jordon the well-known, mainstream version, but instead a rebooted version of the first Green Lantern, AlanMore »